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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
3-Year Old Sends A Pair Of Adults To Hospital After Attacking Them With A Toy Truck
Where is Andrea Yates when you need her? A boy, aged three, left one woman with a fractured skull and another shaken and bruised after assaulting them with his toy truck as they waited for prescriptions at a pharmacy.
It all started when one of the women who would later be taken to the hospital for treatment for a skull fracture saw the child running around the store kicking customers in the shins. When she went over to stop him he started bashing her head in with his toy truck.
Once the little fucker had her bloody, disoriented and off balanced he hurled the fucking truck at her head.
When she went to pick up the truck the kid started really freaking out, kicking, scratching, biting and punching.
Ok, we know the bastard can give a punch; don't you think it is about time to see if he can take one?
"I was in tears. I couldn't push him away because he was strong." The woman claimed that she was able to get away only by tossing a truck between her and the child as she fled, apparently it slowed the child down long enough for her to get to an exit.
When the women approached the child's mother after the attack she said: "Yeah, he does that to people sometimes. I don't really know what to do about it."
Please mam, let me baby sit the child.
Both victims needed hospital treatment after the child was finally subdued.
The mother of the little bastard begged the women not to call the cops and they reluctantly agreed.
The mother told the little bastard to apologize.

But he just cursed her out and ran off.

One of the victims, Trish Mackie, was shocked the kid's mother failed to step in to stop the violence.

"It was horror. We were getting beaten up by a bloody loose-wired toddler while his mother just stood aside and let him do what he was doing. She appeared to be as scared as we were," she said. "You wouldn't think a little bastard like that could cause so much horror. If he can do that at three then think of 30 years from now. I read somewhere that's how terrorists are bred. "
same difference

Beanie Baby Scam Gets A Man 15-Years In Prison and Another man deported.
Police aren't sure where all the money went, but $10,000 worth of losing lottery tickets were found in his apartment when Cross was eventually arrested.

Rodent Nazi Reassigned After Allegedly Suffocating rabbit In Front of Special Ed Class
Normally I wouldn't say something like this would have done irreparable harm to the kids but no one knows what kind of effect this will have on a class room of middle school students with an average IQ of 65?

source: New Zealand Truth
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