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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
Propaganda. Does it Work On Illiterates?
General Musharraf said that his country needed to rid themselves of Islamic militants citing that "they (Islamic fundamentalist) have undermined Islam to a level that people of the world associate it with illiteracy, backwardness, intolerance, obscurantism and militancy".
I say Amen. How can you disagree with him? Every where you turn these days there is an illiterate, backwards, intolerant, militant, one-eyed Islamic fundamentalist on the news somewhere trying to obtain a license to transport hazardous materials, a pilot license or trying to detonate his gym shoes. So with that said I wonder why we even bother dropping propaganda pamphlets over Afghanistan with pictures of Bin Laden naked sodomizing a goat pasted on the front and back? Does this have any practical benefit considering who we are up against or is it just that are old habits just hard to break?
First of all, I believe that we are all susceptible to propaganda in one form or another. However, when I think of illiterates, I don't think it is possible for them to make up their minds twice. I think of illiterates as working on a first come first served basis. Whoever gets to them first, and puts their ideas into their heads has them for life.
What recourse does someone have to change the mind of someone that doesn't even know how old he is? He says that he is a Muslim but he has read about as much of the Koran as I have because he can't read and I have no interest. He speaks Arabic but Arabic writing looks just as much like scribble to me as it does to him. He is like those illiterate Christians that will rush their pregnant wife to the emergency room with a Bible under arm, and after having a baby, when the doctor asks what they want to name the child, he cracks open the good book, points to a word and tells the doctor "this is what we want to name the child". If they are lucky they end up with a son named Timothy, to go along with their daughter Corinthians and their two other sons, Romans and Deuteronomy.
Personally, I would like to think that the kind of propaganda that I am susceptible to falling for is the kind that you have to at least put an effort into. Like for example, if the Iraqi's put out a film of Saddam's personal guard riding around on the backs of Pterodactyls, but the animation was done in that stop motion shit they did King Kong with in the 1930's, there is a pretty good chance that I am not going to fall for it.
However, if I was so inclined to believe that somehow Saddam was being used as an instrument of Allah to bring down the great devil of the west I might believe that he had breed an trained a flock of previously thought extinct pre-historic flying reptiles, put saddles on their backs and the proof was on film. Allah can do anything right? What this boils down to in my opinion is that evidence is pointless. People will believe what they want to believe. That is why I thought that photo of Bin Laden in that business suit that the United States government dropped all over Afghanistan was so obviously fake that not even illiterate, backwards, intolerant, militant, one-eyed Islamic fundamentalist would fall for it. I mean that head looks about as real as those cutout figures they use in the Monty Python animations.
How smart of a move was that one anyway? The Arab world was already using the logic that if we (Spielberg) can make Dinosaurs walk around and interact with people in movies why can't we create a CGI Bin Laden and have him sit in a room and confess to everything we have been accusing him off from day one right? So why would we then go ahead an doctored a few photographs, remove Bin Laden's beard, put him in a business suit and drop a billion or so all over the country. Doesn't that confirm that we are not above doctoring up some shit to justify our actions? What are we hoping to gain from these pictures? Are we trying to do goad him out of his cave? Then again maybe I shouldn't be comparing myself to people who feel that the dumber you are the closer you are to God. Abandoning a secular education is a common thread amongst every militant-fundamentalist-extremist movement on earth. Hitler had more contempt for intellectuals than he had for Jews because they never could keep from snickering during his soapbox sermons about Aryan purity.
same difference

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I thought seeking "spirituality" put you on a nudist camp, with some butt naked fat bitch with her head in your lap reading your poetry while you smoke weed and make quilts.

Now Psychics are hunting Bin Laden...
if we can't find a man living in the technological equivalent to the 6th century with all of our "modern" technology then I say "fuck it" and let's use some of that spook psychic shit he is using on us.

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