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RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
A Senior Citizen 'catapulted metal balls at noisy trains' In His Three Year War

If you ask Noriyoshi Nakayama, he would have no doubt told you that he has been in a three-year war. He has been waging war with the seemingly endless progression of trains that roll by his otherwise quiet little Japanese home.
And although there weren't any causalities in his little war, it wasn't for a lack of trying.
His enemy: 15 ton solid steel locomotives.
His weapon of choice: those tiny little metal balls that they use in arcade pinball machines.
His claim to fame: Being personally responsible for approximately 2,100 dents in train carriages over the past three years.
His sanity: Clearly in question.
The Mainichi Daily News is reporting that a raid on Nakayama's home by police unearthed hundreds of pebbles, pachinko balls and catapults. As well as a handwritten timetable for Hankyu Line trains was stuck on a wall. As a result the 68-year-old Nakayama was arrested today for willful destruction of property. And the police couldn't have come at a better time as train operators had apparently told local authorities if they didn't do something about Nakayama, they were going to start throwing shit back at the old fucker.
Nakayama was pissed off that the trains that rolled by his home were too loud.
So what he decided was the logical thing to do was to hurl thousands of metal arcade pinball game balls at passing trains each and every freaking time they rolled by his home.
It is uncertain what he actually thought he would accomplish by catapulting arcade pin balls into the side of train cars. Was he trying to stop the trains? Was he trying to get them to turn down the volume? Was he trying to derail it? That is the problem with over dramatic people. They just do shit without ever asking themselves if their actions are going to bring about the desired results.
That connection doesn't necessarily have to be made before they act. Which is what makes them so fucking dangerous.

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source: Slingshot sexagenarian pinched for pachinko ball attacks ,, Aug. 7, 2001
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