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Ghengis Khan was a liberal, so he’s ok in my book
Crashland Naked by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8bm

Genghis Khan might’ve killed 60 million people, which amounted to one in five human beings walking the earth at the time, but he was a liberal, so he is ok in my book.
Was he a liberal as in anti-death penalty, pro-gun control, pro-choice and all about funding social programs?
That isn’t liberal, that is being a Democrat.
Being liberal is in believing in the inherent goodness of people in a civilized society enjoying basic civil rights.
Remember liberal is to believe that the rights of the individual supersedes the rights of the group and conservatives are the opposite. Any particulars about certain specific issues are usually just party stances.If you are looking at specific issues what is liberal in one country varies from another and even varies from time period.
What is always constant is what trumps what, either the individual trumps the group or the group trumps the individual.
All you hear about Genghis Khan is about the 60 million people he killed.
If you think like me you can’t help but make comparisons between Genghis Khan and Jerry Rice in that Ghengis is so far ahead of Hitler or Stalin on the mass murder chart that being number two on that list isn’t impressive at all if you get a chance to look at the numbers.
Hitler and Stalin are like Tim Brown. Sure you have 14,934 career receiving yards, the second most in NFL history, to go along with 1094 career receptions. But Jerry Rice, who is number one on the list, has 22,895 receiving yards and 1549 career receptions.
It’s almost like Jerry had two careers at the same time that Tim Brown had one.
People act like mercilessly slaughtering people was all Ghengis Khan was about just because you would have to add Hitler and Stalin together to get close to Ghengis numbers.
In 1350 AD there were only 300 million people on the earth.
I don’t know how many people lived on the earth in 1227 which was the year Ghengis died, but baring any global catastrophes they were about 60 million short as a result of Ghengis excursions.
Which places Ghengis firmly at the top of the list of not only one of the greatest military leaders and strategist in human history but also responsible for the largest loss of human life in human history that didn’t involve a volcano.
But that’s not all he did.
This man affected the entire world in more ways than just removing people from it. He was also big into conservation as he did his best to repopulate it.
Genghis must’ve never saw an ugly woman in his life. Either that or his beauty scale only went as low as “fuckable” because that is what he did.
Genghis Khan at the height of his power had over 500 concubines and wives. According to a genetic survey conducted by an international group of geneticists studying Y-chromosome data they found that 0.5% of the world's population, not just Asia, is consequently descended from a male that live in Mongolia around time of Genghis Khan.
Hmmm, I wonder which one that would be?
1/12 of the men in the area of the Mongolian Empire are related to this unknown Mongolian and 1/200 of men worldwide.
But if you are like me you can look past all of that, he was pretty liberal for his day and I am not just talking about where he spread his seed.
Once he took over a territory, assuming that he left someone alive for him to rule, he immediately installed laws to take care of the poor and the decrepit. He outlawed religious and racial discrimination. And he declared that all children were legitimate, forbidding any child to be denied inheritance, regardless if they were born out of wedlock.
He allowed women to be educated which didn’t sit well with the Muslims that he conquered, which were caught in a sorta catch 22, they were allowed to practice their religion but since they are so determined to oppress their women, Ghengis’s very liberal ideas like educating women or not allowing men to force their women to dress up in those Jawa outfit that the Taliban insisted that they wear, really kept Muslim men in a tissy fit.
When he took over a territory, like I said, assuming that he didn’t wipe everyone out, he would leave locals to govern, mostly people that were already in power from the previous regime and left most if not all of the preexisting infrastructure exactly the way he found it.
That is if he didn’t burn the entire city to the ground like he did several times in Turkey and Iran.
However, China was the exception to the rule for the most part. You see, China had a nasty history of treating the Mongrels like bastard step children and so when Genghis had his chance to serve them a hot plate of Karma casserole he did, with hot sauce.
Out of the 60 million people he is given credit for killing approximately 40 million were all from China.
The Chinese would organize mass suicides just knowing he was coming down to pay them a visit. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese took their own lives rather than inconvenience Genghis and have him come down and do it.
So in short, the Mongol horde, lead by the one and only Genghis Khan killed 1 out of every 5 people on the planet which included 40% of China.
If you can look past that, then he was pretty cool.

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