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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks died. Can you believe I just found that out today? Well don't. I knew she died on Monday night when they interrupted Monday Night Football here in Detroit for what seemed like 20 minutes to talk to U.S. Representative John Conyers about it. U.S. Representative John Conyers talks about as fast as a tree sloth eats bugs off a stick.
And he repeats himself.
A lot.
And don't put him in a situation where he has to think of words to use. I know he is a very intelligent man but whatever affliction he suffers from which makes him talk so slow also prevents him from finding the word he is looking for within anywhere near a reasonable amount of time. Rosa Parks, did what she did. No one can ever take that away from her. But all of this talk about how she is one of the greatest figures in American History and even the world is ridiculous.Actually even saying that is insulting. I can think of 10 people off the top of my head that were more important to American Civil Rights then her and probably 25 more if you give me time to think. I would take Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Thurogood Marshall, Medgar Evers, and Frederick Douglass, all before her and in that order.
She didn't just not give up her seat up to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama because she was tired after working all day, she was handpicked and trained by the NAACP not give up her seat up to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. I wouldn't even be surprised if that unnamed white guy was also on the NAACP payroll.
If she couldn't do it, there would've been someone else. If there is no Harriet Tubman there wouldn't have been another. If there is no Malcolm X, Thurogood Marshall there wouldn't have been another.
That's the difference.
What she did was spark something but it was the event not her. Let's not lose sight of that.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Out of Sight
You are on a friggin' roll the last few weeks. Loved the new one on evolution and our idiot president not knowing about the Voting Rights Act.
good job

Ian M

Hey there Nkrumah,

Long time reader, first time writer....

In your article "Mythological Garbage" I agree with your overall point, but I think this Marcos guy's letter was a victim of the slight typographical errors that can sometimes occur in your own writings.

I've never heard of a cubit being 515 feet... nothing anywhere near that. I believe in Egypt a "Royal Cubit" was like the length from the tip of the Pharoah's index finger, up their arm, going to their nose, or something weird like that. The length of a cubit changed with every Pharoah. So I'm thinking that the length of a 'standard' cubit was more likely something like 5.15 feet, not 515 feet, and Marcos just left out the decimal.

Using 5.15 feet in your article would make the same point (which has been made by others) about what the size of the Ark would have been according to the Bible, but nothing near the proportions you were talking about. That shit woulda been damn near the size of the Death Star.

Anyway, just a small little thing I wanted to point out. Take care, and keep up the great work, I really enjoy reading your commentary.

Seattle, WA

Noah's Ark Measurements
I hate to ruin your article because it was hilarious, but a cubit isn't 515 feet.
1 cubit = 45.72 cm
300 cubits = 13,716 cm = 450 feet

Regardless, anybody who follows Christian science is a moron; and anybody who doesn't realize that Noah's Ark is a myth is a fucking retard.

Keep up the good work,

Noah's Ark Article
Love the site, love the content, etc, blah. However, I think you may have made a mistake responding to the hardcore Bible thumper. He said (or rather meant) that the ark's dimensions, if going by the old version of the cubit would be 515 ft, not that a cubit was 515 feet. I believe that the current understanding of this old measurement was that it was the length of a fully grown man's arm from elbow to fingertip (and later standardized to around 18-20 inches). Still, that's a damn big boat that a hundred year old man would have difficulty crafting even with three sons and incestuous daughter in laws....from a strange, alien wood that may have sprouted for this sole task only to be removed by God once the ship was done (baseless extrapolation and sarcasm).

Cheers! Keep up the fabulous work.

Hi, my name is James and I have been an avid reader of your site for several years. However, more and more I find myself going to other sites and not wasting time on 8ball anymore. Looking back I wondered how I got to this point. You see, back in college I use to check your site several times a day, now I check it two times a month if that. How did this happen you ask?
I guess the biggest reason that I no longer consider your site relevant is because of what you write as opposed to what you claim to write.
Here is how you describe your site on your mainpage:
". . . and everyone and everything is in the potential
firing line. Be it man, country or God, all are equally
scrutinized . . ."
If only you still lived up to that creed then I would still be a dedicated reader. When I first started reading your site I enjoyed it because you had amusing comentary about: Dems, the GOP, India, sex, aliens, government, gays, African magic, etc. You covered a wide variety of topics and each topic seemed to get as much play as the next one. Though you are a fairly liberal person (as are most of your
writers) you at least gave a moderately unbaised view of the news.
Now, I don't expect you to be completely neutral because everyone has an opinion or viewpoint or party or whatever that slants the way the look at life. Plus, this site isn't touted as being "fair" or "unbiased", this isn't CNN and you aren't trying to give every viewpoint their own time in the spotlight. Fine, I understand that, I am not critizing you for your views. But this is leading up to why I don't read your site anymore.
You see, I don't know if it was "Ahnuld" winning Calf. or the war in Iraq or Bush winning a second term or the fact that democrats the nation over seemed to be losing elections but something created a shift in the tone of your site. At first it was a small shift, a couple more anti- (pick one, Christain, conservative, Bush etc.) articles would appear.
Ok, whatever, you don't like Bush and since its your site and the election was coming up it is understandable that you would want to try and do your best to influence the election in Kerry's favor. Ok, I can deal with this so far, but then it got worse.
Kerry lost the election. Now, I don't know how badly you took that but from reading your site it appears that you are very bitter. And I can understand why you are bitter (whether I agree or not is irrelavant) but at first I thought that you would eventually get over it. I thought that at some point you would accept that things did not go as you had hoped and that it was time to move on with life. I had hoped that your site would return to its roots and do amusing news stories and finally tone down the political stuff.
I was wrong on all accounts. Recently, as I said before, I came back to your site after not having read your it in a long while. When I last read it it was full of amusing news stories with scathing commentary and had a marginal percentage of politically related stuff. Additionally though the writers were liberal in nature they seemed to keep that in check to some degree.
All of that has changed now. Reading through your recent stories goes something like this: anit-Bush, africa, anti-Bush, anti-Bush, anti-Bush, anti-Christain, india, sex,, anti-Bush, anti-conservative.
Now, its not that I don't enjoy some of your stories on Bush because I do, some of them are witty and to the point. The problem is that this site no longer is about weird news its about weird news and bashing Bush and the conservatives. That is why I am leaving. Its not so much as I disagree with you but more so that I just don't care about your political commentary. If I wanted this much politics I would go to CNN or FOX News or ABC or anywhere but here. I came here to read funny stories not read about how much you hate Bush and the right wing.
You know who you remind me of? David Letterman. Do you know why?
Because of two things, his ratings have been falling and he is very anti-right wing. There was an article done recently comparing Leno and Letterman. This article noted that while Leno's political jokes were split almost 50/50 Letterman's jokes came down closer to 20/80 in favor of the Democrats. That is one reason why I stopped watching his show.
Was it because I didn't find his jokes funny? No. Rather he would purposefully pass up very good jokes that could be made about the Left and instead focus on lame jokes about the Right. I know Letterman is a democrat but I have no idea what party Leno follows. I suspect it is also the Democrats but the important thing is that he doesn't let his bias prevent him from doing his job the best he can.
You see, you were once like Leno in that you were focused more on the humor than the politics. But, like I said, that has all changed recently. I searched your site under the Daily Bullshit page I couldn't for the life of me find anything that was anti-liberal. However I did find 9 anti-Bush/conservative/Christain pieces. See my point?

So, in wrapping this all up I thought I would leave you with one final piece of advice. Here is my suggestion for you to get your site back in line with the statement you made on your homepage. Ready? Bush won, get over it. Move on with your life. Guess what? The democrats do plent of stupid/funny things, why don't you write about them some? And while your at it why don't you write about all of the things you used to write about. Hey, you don't like Bush, we get it. Now, please try and move on before you write yourself and your site into irrelevance.

Good luck,

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I believe you need to get your facts straight. Where are you getting the info that the "Russians discovered this Durupinar site" thought to be "Noah's Ark"?

That site was discovered by Ronald E. Wyatt in 1978 and he was known as the "official discoverer of Noah's Ark" by the Turkish Government. This site is still under investigation, NOT by the Russians that I'm aware of, but by Wyatt Archaeological Research---the discoverers of this site. Ron Wyatt discovered the site along with the help of David Fasold. I think you're just grabbing at some floating rumor without doing your own investigation...I'm in contact with Ron Wyatt's wife, and I have written several articles on the discovery of Noah's Ark on Doomsday Mountain--and many other discoveries. I am in close contact with friends who have gone on archaeological expeditions TO THIS VERY SITE! If you are positive that you know that Russians are claiming this, you should have AT LEAST provided some info in the article as to where you obtained this information. It sounds bogus to me...and if the Russians are claiming this, they're lieing straight through their teeth. It was discovered by AMERICAN explorers. There is a new book out, and I would say that it would be only right for you to advertize this book so that others might have a chance at reading the full story regarding the expeditions to the Durupinar site...

"The Boat-Shaped Object on Doomsday Mountain"

Mary Nell Wyatt, the widow of the deceased Ron Wyatt (1999), has written a new book that was released a few months ago. The book is very enlightening regarding many truths that have not been previously revealed to the public. Buy the book, read the book, and tell others about it....this is the ONLY book you are going to find that delves thoroughly into all the hard work that was conducted on the site. Radar scans have proven without a shadow of doubt that there are evenly spaced metal line readings both longitudinal as well as transverse....Joe Rosetta, Vice President of Geophysical Survey Systems (the company of which the metal detectors as well as sub-surface radar scanners came) said regarding the results "This is not a natural object. The reflections are occurring too periodic for it to be a natural type interface." "You'd never see anything like this in natural geology.... Some human made this structure, whatever it is." And yes, he did say that...I saw him say it myself on a video. This is no geological formation....and although one may try to say it can't be Noah's Ark, it causes critics to run into more problems...."if it isn't Noah's Ark, what is it?". Obviously, it has to be a floating vessel...but if it wasn't Noah's Ark, then you have the problem "but there was no ancient boat recorded in history the size of 515 feet, nor is there any logical reason for this boat-shaped object to be sitting thousands of mile from the nearest sea-coast. Also, what are the Anchor Drogue stones doing laying around along the path the boat object would have taken? Why do they lay in a line, as if dropped few at a time in a circular-like path? Why do all of the stones have holes in them...or broken off where you can see where the hole was? Why are they EXACTLY like the ancient Phoenician drogue stones found in the Mediterranean except ours are 10 times bigger? Why do the dimensions of the boat fit the Bible's dimensions to an exact T? The Royal Egyptian Cubit was 20.6 inches. The Bible records the vessel at 300 cubits in length...recorded by Moses who was raised in the Egyptian schools--who would have been basing the cubit based ont he Royal Egyptian 20.6 inch cubit at that time, as the Hebrew cubit hadn't yet come into existence.

Yep, somethin' to think about, and although one may be an atheist, it's something you can't just ignore. Let's get in touch with reality with an open mind, and completely put aside what we want to believe is true. What we want and what we may discover may very likely be two very different things. And just think, we've barely scraped the surface as far as an in-depth, scientific, excavation is concerned regarding this site...

Please email me back and let me know what you think about all the things I've said in this email. Thanks. :)

Marcos Schroeckenthaler

Monday, February 14, 2005

On Ward Churchil
I very much enjoy Eightball--it helps fuel my "bemused horror at the world" jones. I agree with some of it, disagree with other bits. All helps bring another perspective from my usual point of view. Just as the conservative blogs I read bring other POV's different my centrist, vaguely libertarian leanings.
I've been following the Ward Churchill controversy since I read the article involved that was linked to from a right-wing blog. My intial reaction was "oh lovely, more tired leftist 'blame it all on America' BS", but conversations on a political discussion list allowed me to understand the points he made with a cooler head. I *still* think it's tired blame America screed...but am willing to concede that America's enemies have better grounds for their anger than "they hate us for who we are".
But there is a specific passage you neglected to mention in your Juxtaposing. That would be the "little Eichmanns" passage, plus the use of the phrase "combat teams" for the 9/11 terrorists. This more than anything has raised peoples' ire at Prof. Churchill. The tone used to characterize the victims of the WTC attack is sneering and contemptuous, while the "combat teams" term sounds like a glorification of their act. Churchill has tried to back out of this saying he didn't include the "innocents" like the janitors, policemen, etc. But the only connection the "Eichmanns" he mentioned had to any of the guilty acts America was...well, being part of
the Western capitalist system. A rather tenuous link to compare someone
who deliberately planned and executed a program of genocide on the orders of a dictator. I once called his article the equivalent of an anti-war demonstator taking a dump on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as a protest.
His views may have merit, but it's pretty ingenuous for him to wonder why people want him horsewhipped.
I don't agree with those who want to kill him, or have him fired, etc.
But I have no problem people protesting his article. He put forth some disgusting comments. Being held accountable for them socially is only fair.
Can't believe all the feelings that you're making me feel My heart's in overdrive and you're behind the steering wheel "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"--The Darkness

Your paper is excellent.
Just some praise for you...Excellent! Keep up the good work.


Austin Texas

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fascism by any other name
"Is it even possible to keep a civil dialog with people who hold these views? What would be the purpose of the dialog anyway? Who has ever heard of a fascist that was persuaded with sound, logical argument?You don't use sound logic to arrive at fascism why would you be persuaded away from it by logic?I even had a reader write me a few weeks ago who demonstrated to me that she clearly understood the importance of free speech but had a hard time justifying that it should apply to the University of Colorado professor that basically said that we deserved what happened to us on 9-11."

Eesh. I came off like that, huh? I am shamed. At first, I felt a little proud that I was mentioned, and then I realized the context of it.

I want to clarify that I don't find fault with saying that we deserved 9-11. That's an opinion, and it is as valid as any other. No one should be fired for that. The problem I have with the U of Colorado prof is the extreme way he attacked the integrity and morals of the victims. He made blanket statements that, like the writing of some of the conservatives you complain about, were designed to appeal to emotion. A teacher should not employ those kind of tactics when trying to sway opinions. There is a way to discuss whether the people who died were deserving of their fate. There is a way to do that. The way the professor chose was not that way, and it was not the way any teacher should have ever chosen to discuss anything.

If he had been a businessman, or a doctor of some kind, or a mechanic, I would say he should not be fired for his comments. Most other professions rely on skill, be they skills of making profit, healing, or fixing engines. He is a teacher though, and I feel like teachers should be above those sort of appeals. Teachers need to be above them. I see reliance on emotion-based appeals as a cognitive incapacity* (I love that phrase, 'cognitive incapacity'). If you try to convince me by provoking my emotions, then that means you are unable to convince me through logic and reason, and it worries me that a teacher may be lacking in that area. Teachers should encourage dialogue, thought, intellectual reasoning. They shouldn't resort to controversial, loaded statements aimed at emotions. He should be above arguing like that. If he is not, then perhaps he is not capable of the role of teacher.

The article I originally responded to, as well as this recent one, have made me think a lot about the matter. My initial reaction upon hearing about him was that he should be relieved of his position, although I could not exactly explain why I felt that way. I wrote to you, and I tried to work out my thoughts. As you said, I could not link the right to free speech with the statements of this professor. I think that now I do not see it so much as a matter of free speech. I don't have a problem with the basic idea of what he said. It is fair to say that the people working in those towers were part of a corporate machine, and that by ignoring that role, they deserved what they got. It has become clear to me that what really bothered me was how he expressed these sentiments.

I suppose a teacher should not be fired for an inability to argue well, but I have a very low opinion of people who argue in the way that this professor seems to favor. I know I mentioned that the guy I was dating at the time also felt that America had it coming. This is not why I spoke of our relationship with the past tense. We are no more because he would send me shit like, "AMERICA HAS BEEN ENGAGED IN ONE WAR FOR EVERY YEAR OF ITS POLITICAL HISTORY!!!1!1!!1!!!" I grew tired of pointing out that the list included 4 conflicts that were part of the Vietnam War in addition to listing the Vietnam War itself. I also got tired of being sent fake pictures of aborted babies to try and make me pro-life. The only way he knew how to argue was through emotional appeal. Sure, he was pretty, but I can't stomach that kind of thing.

I said if he were to be removed, it should be because he revealed that he was a nut. I had trouble articulating what I meant, so I used the generic term of "nut." I think it was because I see people who argue like that as nuts, regardless of the subject matter. It is still a messy issue for me. I think I see his emotionally based argument as a flag that perhaps he is lacking in other areas that are necessary to be a good teacher, but I know it is not grounds to fire him. At this point, I have difficulty separating my loathing for people who argue like him from real-life ability. I think that is where I stand at the moment. I hope that I'm not one of the crazies, or a fascist, or anything else without knowing it. I like to think that I'm reasonable and logical, and open to new ideas. I guess most people feel that way about themselves, though. No one ever says, "Well, I'm rather closed-minded, and I don't like when information contrary to my beliefs is presented to me." I really like to think that I'm not one of the people who is turning America sour, but I guess it is hard to tell when the subject is yourself.


*Maybe it isn't a cognitive incapacity. If a person knows there is no real basis behind his or her claims and they choose another tactic, then I suppose it shows some line of argumentative reasoning, underhanded as it is.

**"I read the phrase "cognitive incapacity" in an essay by Kwame Anthony Appiah called The Invention of Africa, from the book In My Father's House.. He was talking about racists, and types of racism. I thought it was a very good read, if you ever come across it.

"My business here is not with the psychological (or perhaps more importantly) the social processes by which these defenses operate, but it is important, I think, to see the refusal of some extrinsic racists to accept evidence against their beliefs as an instance of widespread phenomenon in human affairs. It is a plain fact, to which theories of ideology must address themselves, that our species is prone both morally and intellectually to partiality in judgement. An inability to change your mind in the face of evidence is a cognitive incapacity; it is one that all of us surely suffer from in some areas of belief. But it is not, as some have held, a tendency that we are powerless to alter."


re: Mom allegedly murders slutty preteen
First of all, I like your site! Second, I don't want to pressure you into dating and sex. If you don't want to do either, or if you want to date without having sex, or whatever, it's your life and I totally respect you making the choice for yourself! :)
Thirs, I noticed a logic flaw in
"I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than to ever walk around with a girl on my arm that is considered a whore by anyone, anywhere on this planet."
See, no matter how virginal a woman actually is...the act itself of walking around with her on your arm is the very thing that will make someone, somewhere on this planet consider her a whore.
You know - like the way someone, somewhere on this planet will consider me a whore for
- going on a date
- exposing my face in public
- wearing foundation makeup
- not marrying my mother's or father's nephew
- having male classmates
- getting a Pap smear
- earning a salary
- not being pretty enough
- learning to read
- etc.
Heck, Jasvinder Sanghera got called "shameless"
specifically for *not* agreeing to fuck someone whom she'd never met! has the details. Meanwhile, in the schools I attended, being shy and ugly made it impossible for a girl to have her first kiss let alone have sex *and* made bullies hate her...and call her a slut since they didn't know non-sexual insults for girls.
So, on a planet where one can be called a ho *because* she's a virgin, are you *sure* you want to worry about
*everyone's* idea of whore?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

you think your all superior, on your webpage, you probably never leave your apartment. loser, p.s. i fucked yo momma's sweet sweet ass

Greg Foster

Sunday, February 06, 2005

bitch nigga

Greg Foster

clearly, thinking is not your strong suit maybe you should go back to school.

Greg Foster

your not a writer, i could do ten times better then you

Greg Foster

Saturday, February 05, 2005

"In a treatise titled, "Some People Push Back," written after the attacks, Churchill asserted the 3,000 people killed at the World Trade Center worked for "the mighty engine of profit" but chose to ignore their role.
"True enough, they were civilians of a sort," he wrote. "But innocent? Gimme a break."
Churchill went on to describe the World Trade Center victims as "little Eichmanns," a reference to Adolph Eichmann, who carried out Hitler's plan to exterminate Europe's Jews during World War II."I got that from .While I understand that trying to fire someone for something they said isn't right, and is unconstitutional, something makes me not care in this case. I guess this could be seen as similar to the woman who was fired because she had a bumper sticker for either Bush or Kerry, and her boss was voting for the other guy. I guess it is similar. I know that cliché, something about, "When they came for x, I said nothing. When they came for y, I said nothing. When they came for me, there was no one left to say anything." I know that we should argue against this infringement of free speech in this case, and in every case. We can't let a precident be set that may be used in less justified cases...But still...I just don't care about this asshat. I would say that with such a drastic view as this, the guy isn't fit to teach. Sure, I guess some of the CEOs and higher-ups were probably bastards. How about the janitors though? How about the people working there to support their families? The people who just process data? A job is a job. It would be nice to know the company one works for is nice and wholesome. There aren't enough companies like that to go around, though, and if a person needs to support a family, they're going to have to take the best they can get. If American Express can pay more than Children International, Daddy is probably going to be working for the former. Working for an evil corporation isn't the best, but it is nothing compared to working under the Nazis. I know I don't need to argue my case to you. You didn't make the statements, and you didn't say you agree with them. I'm not offering a good alternative, either. I guess what really prompted me to write was that he didn't just say what you quoted. There is nothing wrong with that statement. That is an academic way of saying, "Well, we had it coming." There isn't anything wrong with that. Shit, the guy I was dating when it happened said that. I saw his point. This professor didn't just say that.

He personally attacked the people who were killed, and I'm willing to bet that those people had nothing to do with any of the past (present?) abuses of our country. Symbolically? Sure, good target. Realistically? No way. I don't like this guy because he was comparing the individual people who died to the Nazis, and insinuated that they deserved what they got. Did America deserve it? Maybe. The victims? No. No, no, no. Not in any sense of deserving it. No. This is why the guy is crazy, and needs to not be teaching. Maybe he shouldn't be punished for what he said. I wouldn't see his removal as a punishment for speaking. I would see it as an appropriate action taken after he revealed that he was a nut.

Anyway, just my two cents. Thanks for reading.


Your a dumb fuck
Your a dumb fuck buddy, maybe the kid that died by being hit by a train was an idiot, but he's still just a kid. You calling him a moron doesnt help anything. what his parents arn't sad because he died? what if they read your article..i bet that'd make them feel good eh? your a fucking dick, what if your kid(assuming a girl would sleep with your sarcastic ignorant ass) got hit by a train,even if he was doing something dumb, would you want some shrimp dick webpage writer making fun of him? dont think so so maybe you should think about what you say before you say it, fag

Greg F

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Electrifying Mojo

Your article brought tears to my eyes.. I also grew up in Ann Arbor and went to the "Church of Mojo" everynight..
I couldn't add another word to what you said it was a "snapshot of my soul" as well


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Your "Sex Map Shows Chain of Almost 300 Lovers in one high school" article

I read your reasons for staying the hell away from certain women and I wanted to say one thing; Amen, brother. I know i'm not alone now.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Doomsday Prophecies (Man-made)

Dear Sir: Just to write to say I agree with you that these doomsday date setters, etc. are really in the wrong and are false. I used to be in a "religious cult" back in the mid-70's and early 80's in Tucson, Arizona and they had set a date for the end of the world and the Lord's coming. They carried big bibles and could quote scriptures and were very heavily into the end-times and setting dates. Also, they had other strange doctrines and had a following of people from all walks of life. Of course, the leader had a nice home and garden and pool and all bills paid (I believe) from the ministry. They would teach you use by using the scriptures not to have anything to do with your family if they didn't follow the Lord like they did or believe like they did. Also, they would teach you things about the government and very anti-government and they are strong believers in the one-world government theory. You can read more on this group (that I found out are still a group) at 220 failed dates for the end of the world!Date Setters!. Thank you for your time and for reading this.

Todd DeFrank

Monday, January 17, 2005


OK, so kick my ass for being an optimist. I always try to see the good in whomever is in office, I like to think the local mailman doesn't rifle through my mail, and I like to fancy that the local police are as honest as Andy Griffith. I also like to think that the President of the local PTA has the balls to listen when Mrs. Binham is caught taking donated money and buying personal lotto tickets. Evidently, things are not so ideal at the top of the heap.
Earlier I berated you for name-calling and hiding behind that instead of addressing alternative solutions to our problems. I was smug in my approach and you handed my ass back to me. Well, this time you have proposed an alternative solution. "Listening" as opposed to "not listening" seems to me to be a reasonable approach. I tend to be conservative in nature, and therefore cannot really all myself a republican, more especially so since I do not vote republican.....well, ok, I did in a couple of local races, but not by and large. But I thought "hell, surely we have seen the worst. What can happen in four years that hasn't really happened already?"
Guess I was in for a surprise. So much for optimism. Bush is a bigger idiot than I ever thought. If you are going to be president and then decide to take naps instead of taking the FOX afternoon news, at least you should not be on record as doing so. At least Clinton had a hobby, even if it was cavity searching interns, and did not come across as being asleep at the wheel.

James Baird

Sunday, January 16, 2005

God hates india

Where's the new "god hates india" rant about the tsunami?

Roy Batty

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Re: Who linked to my Rap Articles?

Once again, well said. Bravo for putting that out there! I hate that somebody is linking to you like that, but it did indeed result in another great article.


Friday, January 07, 2005

Rolling Stones

I was at the 1981 concert when Prince was booed off the stage in LA. In the fans defense Prince was an unknown at that time and the next two bands J Geils and George Thorogood were cheered. It was a great concert. I did feel bad for them at the time.

Jeff Valentino

Juxtapose your own

Or would u like to be called Eminem? By the way you kick people when they're down, and how u make fun of handicaps, I would choose the latter name for you. Here are some of your own words to chew on.

"Let's just be honest, Stevie Wonder being blind, hasn't even seen the video, or any video for that matter."Very nice. How insensitive.

"I agree with Stevie. Kicking someone when they are down is a shitty thing to do."
Now I'll agree with you, kicking anyone while they are down is pretty shitty, much like your article.
I wonder, have you ever thought of proof reading your words before you put them out for all to read your contradictions, and embarrassing yourself?

Good luck with your writing ,
and lets try not to kick any more handicaps or people on the ground.

Thank you

Thursday, January 06, 2005

That's Not Right

Dear Juxtapose,

I recently read an article that you wrote about the convicted rapper Corey Miller aka C-Murder. I was dipleased on how you so-called juxtaposed with the different themes that you said. I do not see how someone who has not lived the same life as C-Murder make a statement as that. You certainly do not know his situation. You are judging from a completely observational perspective. You also said that the rapper killed someone in front of 300 witnesses....ok..what do you expect the club scene to be? It really disappointed me to read this article and how a person could be so stubborn and unsympathetic towards a person whom they do not know personally. Please take a look at those different things.

Lawrence Guimont

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Good stuff on Hitler. Caught it reading blogs. I thought it was the boots that gave him away. LOL!

Brett MacIsaac

Sunday, December 19, 2004

"I'm Juxtaposing"
I'm not here to proselytize, but I do have some answers for you

re: court/school house lies
your right. there's no point in having the bible in the U.S. Justice system. No point in having it in school pledges either. For those of us who believe, even the bible tells us not to worry about the laws of man. Wether it's legal or illegal, those of faith should worry about God's judgment and not the Judges. It's a nice institution for those of who believe. However, it also enourages hypocrites.
>>"The United States is in no sense founded upon the Christian
Doctrine" - that >>was George Washington.
>>"I do not find in Orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature" -
that one was >>from Thomas Jefferson
Amen to that. Preach it to all these patriotic christians who actually think america represents them in the same world they're suppose to be rejecting.

>God has no problem with enslaving people.
>We do.
In the OLD testament. Lots of ill things went down then. BEFORE Jesus came. Before the new covanent was made. If you can't tell the difference and the growth in civilization and the slow revelation obviously don't believe. duh. However you sound very ignorant making that phrase.

>God has no problem with polygamy.
>We do.
ummmmmmmm. That's mormons. Mormons also believe the indians originally stole the land from US. They also....well....mistakes were made. It's considered adultery. Once again, lots of old testament things happened. Abraham had sex with his two daughters in order to keep the world populated. Lots of cousins got married. Lots of unnecessary things happened in the old testament.

>God has no problem with letting you kill people on his behalf.
>We do.
I believe it was said: Thou shalt not kill. Period. All that Jihad stuff isn't even real Jihad. In true islam (no, I am not biased) jihad is basically the will of the holy spirit allowing you to do....basically....what christ did. They look to him as a prophet who was a martyr. Then there are the extremists. Just like christianity has it's fundamentalists (a.k.a. extremists). People who make up their own ideas. It is certainly NOT ok to kill in God's name.
Self-defense maybe. America was attacked because we attacked first, we lied, took advantage of, and trained all those guys. Then each one teach one. They got wise. Same thing with Sadaam. Same reason we are at war now. Then they use the tactics we taught them against us, and our leaders are so foolish they fall for it.
Those who truly follow God know it was said by Christ: If you truly love me, follow the ten commandments. and also: galatians 5:14 - all of the law of God can be summed up in one statement, "love your neighbor as you love yourself".

>If we followed God's law there would be no law in the books to
prevent someone >from denying you a job, housing, or education all because you weren't part of his >flock.

wrong again. The last shall be first. Opression of the poor is one of the sins that is labeled as "calling out for god's vengence". not OUR vengence. God can avenge himself. It was also said: what you do unto the least of my brothers you do unto me. It was exactly that type of behavior that Jesus exposed and was crucified for. All the things you were say may have been true for the ancient Jews, but Jesus came to change that. Once again, I'm not asking you to believe. I'm just saying know the facts.
One of the many foundations of the world, what I would most definitely call the cornerstone of civilization is the scriptures. Mainly, the bible. To a lesser extent, the Talmud, the Koran, teachings of Buddha, etc. If you consider yourself an intellectual, and don't know don't know much. Before I believed wholely (wholly holy) I still knew the stories and references. How are you supposed to win an argument with a jew/christian/musilim/etc. without it? It's in our hearts. It's in our minds. It's in our souls. Even if it's not followed, it's still there.
"Unfortunately conservatives not known for being learned on history don't seem to understand that we have already been down that road before. "
"Christianity doesn't respect the God's of Hinduism. From its eyes, Hinduism is a pagan religion and therefore beneath them. "
Interestingly enough most of these places were Christian before they were.......whatever.
Although I agree, the wrong message is often used. The point is to be filled with and undying, inprejudiced love for....EVERYONE. Then they'll know ("by your fruits") that you have been blessed and will see. Not to tell them: "Oh, your hungry? Eat this bible bitch!".
Truly faithful people are humble. You don't see them yelling at you that you need Jesus. They probably help you every day and you don't even know. It's free will and God will choose you if you are so blessed.
as far as india: Christianity came in it's true form to india FAR long before it ever came to the western world. It was embraced long before many of the traditions of today are. Then shortly after that came the new "christian" government. Which is basically devils.
Preaching a perverted message. True christianity is a beautiful thing. What's displayed to us in the public eye/media/politics is ummm....well part of the reason catholics are so mad at the protestant thing, but also just typical of human nature. Politics and God don't mix. They each have their own laws. I think we agree there.
Anyway: Iran, Iraq, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. All these places were Christian places long ago. Christianity rose out of Judaism, Islam rose in the opposite direction. Then the crusades happened. Not the churches finest hour.
>>In the Christian Bible God banished his people for 40 years to
wander the desert >>for worshipping a golden calf.
facts are off again. This was in the Torah (old testament, both christians and Jews). In exodus Moses and his people were slaves under the Egyptians. Who treated them very badly, etc. etc. So they rebelled under Gods word. God took them out of slavery. They had to go walk the desert 40 years to get to their new homeland yes. Of which God gave them many miracles to survive. Food dropped from the sky for them to eat everytime they needed it.
The calf worshipping thing was after all that. The people said: Yeah so we got free from slavery, and mana falls from the sky to feed us, and God parted a river in half for us, but what has he done for me
lately eddie? (edddiiiiieee!!!) So they start breaking his law for
the billioneth time, and broke out the golden calf worhsip. Trying to go back to their old ways when it was so great being in slavery under the pharoah. Apparently mana didn't taste so good.

"Jesus being the son of God and the only way to heaven pretty much fucks the Jews doesn't it?"
The jews who, like all of us, once again didn't listen to their own God. Yes. Those guys are fucked.

>If you listen to the Muslims there is no other God but Allah. Even
though Judaism >had been established thousands of years before them and never referred to God >as "Allah" in the Torah, they had no shame in borrowing both the Moses and >Abraham characters from the Jewish faith that they despise so much, just >claiming that they were really Muslim not Jews.
Well, being starved and oppressed....kicked out of your own land because of religion....watching your people die...can kind of make you do that. The jews tell them their city is not their own, we can move in here, kick you out, cut off your food water and bills, cause your all philistines anyway. Once again, that's mostly government. Lots of Israelites are against this behavior, but how are they to control people who wont even listen to God.
"Reject the myth of the generic God. It doesn't exist."
never. prove he doesn't exist. prove nothing created us. you can be anti-religious but to be anything less than agnostic is just plain ignorant.
also: how is the maker and creator of all this, responsible for all this, even on just a socio-political level, GENERIC. Generic? You want freedom, yet you write a whole paper trying to convince people of your opinions. Yet complaining about when they do it. People don't even listen to God, not even the "god" they believe in. hey can't agree on a faith. That's God were dealing with. You expect them to listen to YOU. Even by your own theories you have do laugh at that thought. I certainly don't expect you to listen to or believe me. I hope the misinformed remarks concerining the bible stories and whatnot help you to understand people more. Other than that it will only hurt on a subtle level if you don't believe me.
>>your self up to people claiming to be doing God' will which is a
license to do >>whatever the fuck they want.
>>If God wants something done he can come do it his damn self just
like everyone >>else.
Because people who claim to be doing God's will are usually just doing their own. That's the hardest thing about being a Christian. Other christians. Being an intelligent (yes, I could easily talk for a long time to you without mentioning it), well traveled, well-read, God fearing yet no fear otherwise person, who is willing to whole heartedly admit that my problems are MY fault. Someone who relies on faith to protect me from my vices, and not laws. (We should outlaw porn cause.....I can't stop looking at it. We should outlaw marijuana makes me scared. We should blah blah, etc.: the cry of those yet to conquer themselves). This is the hardest thing to deal with in life.
The fact of the matter is: there are smart, unbiased, loving christians out there. Don't judge nor hate us all simply because of the hypocrites.
the fact of the matter is, by giving my will to God (wether he's real or not), I am as forgiving and loving as I can make myself be. I work constantly to conquer myself. I try to be virtuos and help people everyway I can. I share. I try to be wise. etc. etc. It helps me to live a damn good life. Maybe it is the "opiate of the masses", but whoever said that was a bad thing. Jesus doesn't give me a hangover.
If I'm wrong, then I was as good a person as I could make myself be and sacrificed only things that lead to misery. If your wrong....well....millions of people pray for you every day. Don't think so badly of us.

peace and blessings,
Nathan Prophet

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Response to the nation of islam
Salaam Alaikum for you.
In response to your response to Mr. Dxxxxx Muhammad.
To start you began your response by hinting that even after something that you printed earlier has been proven untrue then" so be it". You also hinted that you will not take down all the previous articles. However you can reprint a retraction to previous untrue statements. What this shows about your charater is that you are so ego-centric that even when proven wrong or having truth revealed to you, you will still cling to falsehood. This makes you appear sick to a learned man and no one with any sense can trust what you say from this moment on. You also stated that you studied African-American history in these prestigious colleges in America. First the word or phrase African- American is an oxymoron in it self. Why? you might ask. When this Country was estabilshed were you considerd an American or Three-fifths of a man. Which by the way is still in the Constitution today.
Was it not less than 45 yrs ago that this government or whites in general loathed you so much as to not want you to use the same restroom where they dispose there waste. This says subconciously that you are not even fit to be in the company of their waste. Your father can tell you more about this.
Secondly you get your education about African American history from those who are not African Amercan. The same people who kept the Bible from you for over 300 years then gave it to you. It is clear you have no knowlege of self because you would not use the sir-name that you use.
Lets comment on your comments. First of all the NOI dont write dictonaries.
Ask any Muslim or one who speaks the Aribic language and Muslim means "submission" to do the will of God or Allah. Again did Jesus submit him self to do the will of God. Emphatically yes! Did Jesus pray to the east Yes he did. Did you know that Jesus spoke Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic so when he would say Peace to you he would say Salaam Alaikum. Jesus did not have a Bar Mitzvah. If Jesus spoke Aramaic or Arabic he referred to God as Allah. If you read your Bible or what is left of it he was trying to convert the Jews.
Nor was Jesus a Christian. His name means one who is "Justified" or brings Justice. Christ means crusher of the world of the wicked. He never Said he was a Christian which was invented by a man named Constantine and with the symbol of the cross he shall rule the masses. The average Christian doesn't know what the word Christian means and the muslim tells him to study FOR HIMSELF what it means. The only pathetic attempt at tying a belief system is your pathetic attemt because you dont know any better. And Knowledge is not a game and everything the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke has never been proven to be false and can be verified. What is Crap about the knowlege of self and who you really belong to? You will not get Knowledge of self from any University Who for the last 400 years concealed the knowledge of yourself. You have met us muslims and you can agree that the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are never emotional as you say and always practice non-violence. We are taught not to carry a pen-knife. And According to the Bible, God says that he will send a profet to every nation. Also it state that the children of Israel and Moses were a sign of the people in the last days. Who else have been taken and lost in a strange land for 400 years and are blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self on the entire planet other than the Black man in north america. It also states that God himself will come to get him. God also sates that HIS people are dead or dying because of a lack of Knowledge We are so blind that we go in names like smith which is Irish and I am no where near or even considered Irish.
We don't Blame the White man for what we do to day, however we do blame him for the conditional mind state we are in for he is the original nigga who produces niggas by killing our ancesters as they were brought ashore from the slave ship "Jesus" so we will have no guide of how we used to live.
The comment on you comment of where does white people come from? You are so blind that the white man tells you the first man was from where your ancesters are from thus bering whitness that all come from black and you still dispute. You are the type of man that believes the white man just appeard on the planet out of an Albino ( which subsequently proves that the white man comes from the black man). But I say to you that we live in a universe of cause and effect and nothing just appears or happens. Stop downplaying life because of your fear. We deal in facts and science and most inportantly mathematics. So you cannot compare us to the Nazi or any other hate group becaue we dont hate we merely state facts that you are afraid to admit because you will lose credibitly from your beloved white man! You say not all africans sold africans and not all whites had slaves.True. and if you studied before commenting you would know that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that there are some good ones but not to waste your time because your brother needs help today. Please let us not get on Iraq becuse if you beleive that the reason they went into iraq was because of a war on terrorism you are more confused and ignorant than beleived previously.
Answer this who makes and sells the weapons for these tribal wars you speak of. I will finish on this note. The devil was amongst the company of God until he said he would not submit to his creation that was made of black mud becaue he was made of fire and that he was better. This white man still thinks he is better than black becuse of his skin but we are here to tell you that we should not try to be his equal but be ourselves. STOP HINDERING US FROM DELIVERING THE TRUTH TO OUR PEOPLE. ACCEPT YOUR OWN AND BE YOURSELF.

P.S. read the Holy Quran about when god makes manifest your faults he is preparing to take them from you. and why the white came from the black man and what needed to be extracted from the black man to bring this universe to its eventual perfection.

Keven Smith

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hell yeah!
I was surffing the net and stumbled across this website and was thankful that i did. I love it when people tell it like it is!!!!!!!! We as human beings in every country,not just the good ole U.S,need to start excepting responsibility for our actions in life and quit trying to always blame the "other guy" for our faults or short commings. In the 44 years that i have walked this planet i have seen a drastic change in the way we treat each other and wonder if there is really any compassion left in this world. The problems that we are faced with today are not just problems of the less fortunate or the struggle of the people in the "inner-city" or because of religious differences but more a "whole society" issuse that mandates that you are nothing if you have nothing! I am certainly not a religious person but consider myself to be spiritual and i believe that our prblem lies in the decay of the family structure as a whole. It takes an entire village to raise a child but out of selfishness people always seem to want to duck responsibility and put blame on others. I am just glad that this site allows people to at least "hear" the truth and give them something to ponder on.
The first reaction from someone who is presented with truth and facts that might make them look a little less than honorable or disireable is they say "how dare you",and i say "fuck-em"!! If you are man or woman enough to make a decision in your life and the outcome is not quite what you expected or perhaps even detrimental to yourself an others then have the balls to stand up and say "my bad", how can we correct this situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald G. Papp...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

New Reader
Love your site. I read the site's "secret agenda exposed" and love it even more.
A recent study came out that said that one of the key factors in being conservative (and IMO close-minded) is a fear of ambiguity -- the need to think that you've got everything figured out, no matter how illogical your beliefs may be. Your site keeps an open mind and considers all the possibilities.
I'll be checking it out regularly.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Hear! Hear!
Hey Eightz!

It's pieces like the one about Stevie Wonder, Eminem and Michael Jackson that keep me coming back to your website. (I'm pretty busy in grad school now, so a bit less often than before, but..).

While I generally just debate conservative vs. liberal political issues I have often blasted people for the "team sport" mentality-it's nice to see this issue being addressed on a wider scale. We do need to move to the point where people are viewed as individuals-and not repreentatives of a team. Beyond that within an individual, flaws in part of their character do not necessarily invalidate their whole being. For instance, Oscar Wilde is still one of the most quotable people ever-regardless of other flaws. Like that, even with Michael Jackson's "issues" you still can respect his art. However, being talented does not excuse criminal behaviour.

In the interest of full disclosure I will state that, yes I am a white guy, but here's my take on the whole Marion Barry thing. I'm a civil libertarian I think the drug war is counter-productive, and prostitution, well, as they say "sex is legal, and selling is legal-why isn't selling sex legal?" Even though on a purely pragmatic level I did have to admit that looked pretty bad, and I wish he would've taken a "where is the harm to others in these acts" approach. But I can also see that probably wouldn't have worked all that well either..sometimes it's tough to win.

Keep up the good work.

Dennis Fox

Friday, December 10, 2004

Hi there, just wanted to say, keep up the good work. There will always be some morons judging and acting on the skin color, on both sides. Like Snoop said (R&G album): ....I've been around the world, and I've met alot of people, and what I've come to find out is that people are the same, they all share the same fears, shed the same tears and die over the years..... It is always a pleasure to read your articles.

Best regards, Cherry Vienna, Austria

Monday, November 15, 2004

And another one...

well whoever has been writing those fuckin stupid articles about odb fuck
you u fuckin nerd. this guy was a fukin geniuies in his own rite now hes
fukin dead i dare u to make fun of him now u fukin sperm swallower. thru
this guys music and crazy fukin lifestyle he entertained u more than any
artist out there just waiting 4 what he,ll do next and with his anticts u
can learn frrom his mistakes hes done it all so u can live all the mistakes
thru him and not have to do it yrself . this man was a fukin icon of rap
and if u make another ill written remark about him u should go to hell 2 see
dirty yrself and say it 2 his face biotch

R.I.P. to the craziest nigga out there

ODB is dead, now I am mad.

Hello, concerning your article on Old Dirty Bastard...what the hell? I'm no fan but I found the article offensive. All the zoo references were truly wonderful, if you're some dorky white guy sitting at their laptop going off on some "welfare guy". The racial crap made me want give the author a little reeducation. Using terms like "ghetto" and the like, in describing O.D.B. is just so stupid. Ever hear of the Jewish Holocaust? Every time I hear some dork mention "Ghetto this" and "ghetto that", I want to take their suburban ass to a library. It's so easy to be a typical wonder bread American and talk about some guy who pays no child support...did I mention he's black? Comparing him to Lou Rawls...gee does the author have any idea how moronically racist he sounds in this trash article? What's the point? Just spout some crap about "one of those black rappers". Ugh. I wish "fresh out of college" kids with a job writing entertainment sludge would be a little more educated...and a lot less oh, I don't know suburban bubble-headed. Please feel free to forward this to the author of the O.D.B. article from a few years ago. I would look forward to his/her response or defense of this writing...I just may be surprised.... the author may BE BLACK, yeah right.

have a nice day,CA

Monday, November 08, 2004

I was browsing the web and I came across your website.I would like to say that God does not hate homosexuals and niether do I or anyone that I go to church with. I would like to say however that it is a sin and they where not born that way it,s a choice they made. And the people who say and do the things that your website talked about are also commiting sin. God calls us to love everyone just as He does. I hope what I have said helps you.

becky robbins

Now we all need to come together?
Thank you for writing that piece, it sums up so much of what I feel and yet have a hard time putting into words. Well said!
My main focus now that Bush has *actually* been elected is holding his ass accountable for cleaning up the mess he's made.
Keep up the good fight,


Sunday, November 07, 2004

I think you have an awesome web site! This is my first time to ever view it and I was totally blown away ... keep up the great work and I wish you lots of success in work.

take care
your friend in SW Florida,


Friday, November 05, 2004

Ah, yes. Another election has come and gone, and the far left has once again blown it. All the vindictive, all the name calling, all the screaming and moaning went for naught. All those damn voters ignored the enlightened ones once again.
Yet name calling and blaming just tastes too good to stop. Yep, just like a good potato chip, you can't stop with just one. Besides, it is so much easier to boil down all those unenlightened into simple categories, like "white," "religious","men," because that makes it easier to take the bitter pill that a majority of people simply ignored superior wisdom and voted the way they wanted to. Regardless of the fact that many other categories of people actually opposed Kerry (God help us), blaming requires simple names. Getting more detailed requires the uncomfortable idea that introspection may have to be used to figure out why The Party of All Good Things lost. Hell, something has to take the blame and it surely cannot be that The Party had ideas that the majority rejected. No, never that.
Hey, but it is all good. This leaves another four years where both parties can come up with new names for each other, or maybe spiff up some old ones just for posterity. "Liberal" just sounds too much like something one would read in a textbook. "Commie fag" went out years ago now, but that one was fun. "Reaganite" didn't even really sound like a name, never mind one that sounded like a slight. "Right wing Jesus Freaks" is the new hotness for awhile, and if you throw in a tantrum or two you can convince people to call names as well. In spite of the fact that sticking one's tounge out at the opposition betrays a complete lack of intelligence, you don't have to understand an damn thing to do it, and by so doing avoid the discomfort of analyzing politics in the real world. That, and a good round of slander just feels good, doesn't it?
James Baird

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Checking In?

I've been reading the site for around a year now, and have probably read around 70% of articles published.Update frequency in all departments has decreased recently, and I'm just wondering whether everything's all right over there.
Thanks for 8bm.

Joshua Wiliford

I am cool. everything is back now.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Hi there,

Second time i mail you something, and strangely enough, again about our mutual "friend" george w bush.
Since I'm native dutch, my writing skills are about the skills of a 6year old, but still, this should be interesting for you guys:

It appears that mr.bush, as leader of the free world, found it necessary to block all acces to his website to foreigners, not because of some DOS attack or security issue, but as an official policy, according to Scott Stanzel, since, according to them, the website is not meant for us foreigners. When we try to acces his website, we get the polite message: acces denied (wish we could do the same thing next time he wants to invade some country).

So according to mr.bush, the rest of the world can no longer see his program points, his decisions, propositions whatever., since it is, apparently, irrelevant to the rest of the world.
God knows what's going on in his mind, but I can assure you, his re-election (please not) is not irrelevant to us.
Ever since mr.bush is in charge, economy is way down, oilprices way up, there is a constant fear for his next decision/invasion.
Even America is paying a high price for his policy's on the "irrelevant" part of the world, he's gotten your country incredibly deep in depts, and your country lost over a thousand soldiers in iraq.

Instead of censoring us, we should be able to vote too, since these elections decide not only the fate of America, but the fate of the whole world.Amen.
Wobby wulez!

Monday, October 25, 2004

I'll just come right out and say it: Thank you.
Thank you for wording universal issues in a way that should be applicable to increase the knowledge of the reader. I can say with complete honesty that I've sheltered myself in the reasoning of the writings on 8bm because I always finish off an article feeling like i've learned something new. And if what I've learned isn't new, it will at least entertain and further my development as a person in some way.
As a teenage reader, I think that my discovery of your site couldn't have come at a better time. I've been reading all I can absorb on 8bm for a little over two years now, and what i've read I've spread to other kids my age, as well as open-minded adults who haven't been set into the ruts that come with the routines that have affected their lives. Your writers never cease to get me thinking. Other readers: Please spread the word of 8bm! The youth of the world could use this now more than ever!

Steve Marck

same difference


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