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War On Terror
Evidently we are supposed to believe that the war on terror will be won or lost by indiscriminately invading any country that harbor terrorist that isn’t named Saudi Arabia.
But, what if, just what if, what you are fighting isn’t a country but an ideology. What if you are fighting a way of thinking? Are we prepared for that?
How do you crush an ideology?
Certainly history has proven you don’t do that by force.
Did the Inquisition, designed to rid the world of heretics i.e. non-Catholics, rid the world of every other interpretation of the Bible but Catholicism?
If John Hinckley Jr. would’ve been successful in killing Ronald Regan, would he have rid America once and for all of Republicans?
Clearly killing Reagan wouldn’t have stopped the spread of conservatism any more than killing Bin Laden is going to stop the spread of Islamic fundamentalism.
Apparently the American people believe that by making the United States of America even more hated in the world than we ever were before 9-11 is actually the winning formula making us safer from terrorism.
Evidently making it even easier for al-Qaeda to recruit by giving a young disenfranchised Muslim man every reason in the book to believe we are in bed with Israel and out to rid the earth of Islam is making us safer.
Since Dubya has started his war on terror significant jihadist attacks worldwide has in fact increased at an accelerated pace.
Recruiting is up. Anger towards the US world-wide is up. And more importantly, probably most importantly, we have done virtually nothing to undermine what they have been saying about us.
All people follow a certain logic when they are drawing conclusions. That doesn’t change no matter what culture you come from. It’s a human thing.
What we have to understand is that you have to understand the logic your enemy is using against you, find the holes and tear it apart, if you have any hopes at all of defeating terror.
Terror is bigger than the terrorist. The ideology will continue on even if you kill every single terrorist that is alive today if you don’t do something about the premises that breeds that level of discontent.
Pro-Life terrorists aren’t going to stop abortions by bombing abortion clinics.
You will only stop abortions but undermining the arguments for having one.
The only way you defeat an enemy that is ideologically opposed to you is to undermine the persuasivness of their argument.
This is the only way you can neuter their ability to gather new initiates.
If they can replenish their ranks just as fast or faster than you can kill them, you are just spinning your wheels.
These terrorist are small but highly organized groups that have built an ideology based on certain beliefs that they believe to be self-evident.
If you are serious about fighting terror, the last thing you do is go around validating the premises they have built against you, if you can help it.
If he says that we are an enemy of Islam, build them a mosque.
Remember people work on logic.
Terrorist have won the sympathy of the people by providing much needed goods and services that were not reaching the people.
I find it funny that your typical conservative who is willing to spend 229 billion blowing them up isn’t willing to spend 229 billion building schools, building mosques and providing medicine and food.
Because I guess that’s “being a pussy,” that is why.
I guess its “being a pussy” trying to think of ways of asphyxiating the premises of terrorist ideology where it starts.
I can hear them now “building al-Qaeda a mosque would be giving in to their demands.”
No one ever said build al-Qaeda a mosque. I said build the people a mosque, make it harder for them to sell the story that we are hell bent on wiping Islam off the face of the Earth.
Then again, what do I know?
I am sure conservatives would tell you that building them a mosque would be encouraging them to send a plane into one of our skyscrapers every time they wanted something.
The last thing the world needs are more people of color looking for a hand out.
Bin Laden Warns Against US Retaliation Attack.
We bombed them once trying to get him. Do the Afghanistan people remember that? I hope they do remember. I say get ready for part two.
Shoe Bomb Suspect Had Enough Explosives to Bring Down Plane
I don't care if he could speak perfect English.
Proof Positive That Islam Is Like Every Other World Religion. Not!
You don't hear Jesus talking about turning the other cheek…BUT just in case that doesn't work here are 5 ways to shatter a muh-fukaz atom's apple with a Shepard's staff
Bin Laden Denies He Had Any Involvement.
Damn. Now what are we going to do?
"Let's Rebuild the WTC and make it the tallest building in the world!"
I don't mean to give in to terror, but unless they plan on hiring a few soldiers to operate anti-aircraft guns built on all four corners of that building, you won't catch me 110 stories off the ground ever again on general principle.
Americans Think AP Photo Shows Satan's Face In The world Trade Center Fire
Apparently, the devil tends to attack holy people. I guess that explains why I have never seen the bastard.
Two Jewish Defense League leaders arrested in alleged bomb plot
save your "it's my ancestral homeland" shit for someone that cares. Since I can't find any Canaanites to weigh in on that claim of ancestral homeland how about I use an example a little more relevant.
Osama bin Laden wants his suicide televised. I want to know when to set my VCR.
Just do me a favor and not this weekend, I've got Peyton Manning on my fantasy football team going up against Atlanta and I really need him to go into this game without any more distractions.
Tape shows bin Laden making jokes about September 11th Hijackers
Now while he sits in his cave sending you out to be buried under shit we are dropping on you that is right out of a Buck Rodgers comic book remember how he laughed at you while you were giving your life. Something tells that wasn't the first time.
Taliban fighter from prison uprising says he's American
I thought seeking "spirituality" put you on a nudist camp, with some butt naked fat bitch with her head in your lap reading your poetry while you smoke weed and make quilts.
Little Kids taught How to Be Martyrs In Hamas Summer Camp
No, little Muhammad will spend his weekends being taught how to be comfortable holding and operating a AK-47 while he crawls across a field on his belly looking for Jews to kill.
Hijacking Airplanes? Does This Shit Ever Work?
Well does it?
Woman microwaves letters to kill anthrax. Damn near burns her house to the ground.
That is just what we need, pure, potent, green pissed off Anthrax.
Like Stray Bullets, Anthrax Never Seems To Infect The People That Deserve it.
What the fuck is wrong with this picture?
U.S. Citizen wants to join Jihad against America
We knew someone would come forward eventually. All you have to be is just a little more responsible in how to pick your Muslims.
CIA Offers 1 million for Information on who the fuck is mailing all the anthrax
I know this sounds bad, but for a second I caught myself wishing that I knew a terrorist.
You weren't funny then and you aren't funny now
If you think it's funny when is Man Cow trying his best to make you believe that some drug dealer is actually trying to kill one of his studio personalities while doing an on the street interview then why don't you think it is funny when someone puts baking soda in the envelop with someone's Macy's bill?
It's So Hard to Find "Willing" Martyrs These Days
If the evidence they had before didn't prove some of them didn't know they were on a suicide mission this confirmed it.
A Giuliani, A Prince and A Red Herring
Right or wrong, when you side with someone you inherit their enemies.
Hijackers wanted to get hookers on eve of World Trade Center Attack.
As if I needed more reasons to help solidify my belief in the inherent hypocrisy of organized religion and their respective zealots.
A Pakistani Journalist Interviewed Bin Laden the other day.
If the United States has just half the shit that they used on Will Smith in "Enemy of the State" Bin Laden should be in pieces right now.
Now Psychics are hunting Bin Laden...
if we can't find a man living in the technological equivalent to the 6th century with all of our "modern" technology then I say "fuck it" and let's use some of that spook psychic shit he is using on us.
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