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Trailer Trash
Fumes Ignite After Child Is Doused With Gasoline To Kill Head Lice.
Trailer Trash Chemistry At Work.
Parents Charged In Taping of Strip Poker At Teen Slumber Party
If I Look Hard Enough I Know I Can Find A Trailer Park In Here Somewhere
Trashy Mom Let 78 Year Old Man Rape Her Daughter For $5 So She Could Go Buy Cigarettes.  
Trailer Trash Family Values. Whatever We Can Get For The 12-Year-Old.
It's Times Like These When You Hate To See "Based On A True Story."
Ok, now I am going to have nightmares.
Dad tries to reshape boy's head. And You Think Cloning Is Playing God?
In fact if this whole test tube cloning thing works maybe we won't have to worry about losers like this breeding period.
Mother Sentenced To Nine Years In Rape of 13 Year Old Daughter
Judge Patricia Crain called Lynda Darlene Hill a "terrible mother" at the sentencing, during which she sobbed hysterically.
Mom has son, 14, take snap shots of her naked and post photos on Web
Man Gets Girlfriend's 2-year-old Kid Drunk on Rum and Coke
Prison is not for assholes. That is a common misconception. Prison is for people that make poor decisions.
Neighbor's Pet Vietnamese Potbellied Pig Served At Trailer Park Party
Trailer trash is about as American as apple pie, but it is awful difficult to find a way to be patriotic about it.
federal prosecutor calls jurors a bunch of illiterate cave dwellers
Were you hoping we didn't notice? I guess that must be it.

The Ninth Annual Road kill Cook-Off. Now That's Good Eatin'!
If southerners resent being thought of as being backwards and uncultured then they have to do something about things like Nancy Smithson's ROAD KILL COOK-OFF.

Redneck Gang Initiation Rites
I hate it when people take pride in shit that isn’t supposed to be prideful.

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