Serial Killers Are Not That Hard To Spot. If You Know What You're Looking For
Hadden worked at various Cape Cod Restaurants his co-workers noticed his propensity for drinking the blood that drained from the beef.
Serial Dog Killer Plagues Small Utah Neighborhood
Tragedy In The Backyard.
Albert Fish: Just About Everything That Could Be Wrong With Him Was
Prosecutors are certain of his involvement in attacks on over 100 children. Albert, however, claims to have molested nearly 400 children.
Accused Green River Killer Pleads Not Guilty
I will tell you right now. They wouldn't want me on this jury...
Man Butchers Child And Feeds The Kid To His Neighbors In Dishes Which They Say "Tasted Peculiar"
Now if this bastard is sane then I am moving to England.
Serial Killer Sought Child Porn In Exchange For His Confession
``What difference is it to viewing a little child pornography in light of the murders of four people,'' Stayner said to them.
Is The Black Dahlia Case Solved?
Having the kind of murders that you are suspected of committing just stop, as suddenly as they began, after you die or leave town doesn't fair well in your favor.

400 corpses 400 unsolved murders in' the city of the dead girls'
Since 1993 not only has Ciudad Juarez become the money laundering capital of the world, in addition to being the only city in North America without a homicide department.

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