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Republicans are by nature self-centered and selfish. Even their evangelicalism is rooted in their self-centered selfish nature. They don't care about social issues as much as they care about appearing to God that they are being evangelical so that they can get into heaven.
They say that they believe in Christ like forgiveness, as to be Christian is to try to be Christ like, but they are the main advocates of capital punishment, which is curious when you think that Jesus Christ himself was executed by state sponsored capital punishment and yet they act like that was the single most travesty in the history of mankind.
During an election year they seek the Jesus freak vote, and 9 times out of 10 get it, by talking as if they are all about God and the values of Jesus Christ, but they champion the values of ethics of capitalist and big business over people which isn't Christ like at all anyway you want to cut it.
They cut social programs that directly affect the people that need them in order to put more money into the pockets of the people that don't.
And because of their God given talent for breaking things down so that even a tard could understand it, scratch that, understand their take on an issue, they consistently have Democrats by the balls running around trying to defend themselves from accusations that they trump up that have little or no merit but consistently get them elected into office.
Only a Republican could get a candidate that went AWOL from his military duties to win the veteran and military vote over a candidate that was a decorated war veteran.
They must speak in code words too, because without being overtly racist they seem to be the party of choice of every racist, confederate flag waving, gun rack toting, militia membership card having Fascist in America.
Although republican leadership aren't stupid, some of the most misinformed, uneducated, backwards Americans gravitate to the party because the less education you have the more you rely on your emotion to guide your actions and Republicans know this that is why they use fear as their main weapon of persuasion, whether it was in the South getting them sacred that blacks would take over if they had voting rights, in Texas that Mexicans will take over, justifying Wars because the terrorist will take over, if they can't get you afraid of something they can't win. They know this. That is why they are so difficult to beat.

Conservatives Seek to Sterilize Crack Heads
Ok, I get the premise. I actually agree with the premise.
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Willie Horton. Michael Dukakis looking like a fucking happy go lucky Hobbit riding on the top of a tank. Nuff said.
And conservatives wonder why they have this image of being racist and exclusionary
I don't think Lott wants us to let his apology just speak for itself. It won't shut up.
Jane Baker: The "Virtually Unemployable" Republican Legislator
She says in her lawsuit that the injuries she sustained in her car accident maker her "virtually unemployable" outside the Legislature.
Republicans Want To Make Adultery A Crime Punishable Up To One Year In Prison
Like we don’t have enough people in jail already right?
Ashcroft Swears To Clear Obscenity From The Internet
Please…bear with me while I throw up.
How Are Modern Day Myths Created? It's Easy. Let Conservatives Get Their Hands on A History Book. 
You Don't Believe Me? Just Ask Texas or Japan.
same difference