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Couple Sues MTV After They Hide A Fake Mutilated Corpse In Their Bathroom For Television Taping
They should've kicked Ashton Kutcher ass like that mother did when she caught that retarded girl giving her 18 month old baby a blow job.
Reality Based Television Programming 
Really Getting On My Nerves
The Producers of the MTV pseudo soap opera "The Real World"
I Want My MTV...To Stop Insulting My Intelligence!
Big Brother Cast Member is Put In Protective Custody After Being Kicked
I have yet to see anyone act "real" with a camera in front of their face.
Who Doesn't Want To Fuck A Millionaire 
My Dignity Isn't Worth A Million Dollars. Obviously Neither Was Theirs! 
Mike Tyson To Be In A New Reality TV Show
this show will put an end to reality television altogether but once you televise the first voluntary execution on live television how can you ever go back to 42 guys trying to via for the heart of some trophy cheerleader chick?
Sci-fi Channel Ventures Into Reality Television
If I hear a noise downstairs and I come down the stairs to investigate and I find a gang of Jawa running around my kitchen table shouting "Wooteenie! Wooteenie!" hoisting my dog over their heads --- I swear I am probably going to faint.
New Reality Series "Boy Meets Boy". Damn, That's Too Real.
Does Bravo really think I am going to turn away from "Sports Center" to see if Brett will finally work up the nerve to ask Kip if he'd like to go steady?
Kid Blames MTV's Jackass For Setting Himself On Fire
If I Can Take Responsibility For Writing This Crap Then So Can You
Kid Watches MTV's Jackass And Sets Himself On Fire.
When the others inside the house realized that the kid was burning up they kicked snow on him.
Teen Allows Himself To Be Hit Head-On By A Car Imitating A Jackass Stunt
In this instance, I want you to take head-on literally.
ABC pulls reality show because reality was too real.
See that is why I hate political correctness. It isn’t real. It’s lipstick and a wig on a pig.
Ugly Woman Gambles Sister Lost
Well then the makers of the show realized that it would be too expensive and too time consuming to fix all of the shit that this woman had wrong with her, particularly her jaw, that was going to take too long to heal they decided to scrap the idea of putting her on the show entirely.

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