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Rare Type of Brain Eating Amoeba Blamed In Child's Death
Elephantiasis. Not just An African Disease. No Cure. No Chance of Dying From It.
The problem with being a "religious agnostic" is that you don't have a backup
Woman in Canada Is Found to Be Ebola-Free But Now We Don't Know What The Fuck She's Got!
it is very likely that this is some new and improved shit that is still incredibly dangerous.
HIV Positive Man Pisses in Well, Gets Beat Down
Regardless of his motivation, it is good to see that when called upon to do the right thing a group of Kampala Africans came up to bat swinging
Sars And China Coincidence?
Sounds like it would make for a great B-movie but there's an awful lot you would have to discount before you could just blame it on the lab monkey.
jungle community infected with real life "rage" virus
I guess its true the rich do get richer. When we were drawing straws for "culture bound syndromes" the Miskito got the "rage" we got skinny chicks.
Mutant gonorrhea strikes gay men; mostly
Personally I blame women for all of this.
Mutation responsible for 'Muscle Man' Toddler
I don’t care what you say, this has to be a kick in the teeth to any kid that ever took a running leap off his garage in his superman underoos
Sex Map Shows Chain of Almost 300 Lovers in one high school
I am fully aware that these are gross generalizations, but they have severed me well. I don’t piss fire. I am drug and disease free. And I intend to keep it that way.
Why Gay Men always get the new and improved STDs
I think it’s sad that men are more likely to wear a condom if they think it may someday lead them to getting their paychecks garnished for child support than to save their own lives.
HIV 2.0 Found in Monkey Eating Tribe
I have to clarify which "experts" I am talking about because apparently there are some experts out there who swear up and down that HIV was created in a laboratory somewhere in Cleveland.
Outbreak of Zombism in Cambodia
had this story said that this mysterious strand of Malaria was discovered in the Sudan instead of Cambodia, it may never have been discovered to been a fake.
World Renown Chicken Nazi Hopes To Kill 500,000 Chickens A Day
The AED-100 which is designed to do just that, kill every single infected bird on the planet.
Woman Grows Penis. The side of Bird Flu no one talks about
She is treating it as an omen. But an omen of what? Well that part no one is sure of, which makes it a pretty piss poor omen by my book.
A H5N1 Outbreak Could Kill 200,000 Americans in 90 days
As bad as it sounds I guess it can’t kill everybody right?
Well I guess technically it could.
Deadly Naegleria Amoeba Kills Two Kids In Tulsa
Only 200 people have even caught this thing in the last 40 years.
And only 2 people have survived it.
same difference
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