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Old Dirty Bastard
All The Talent, None Of The Common Sense.
Old Dirty Bastard Asks Judge "Do I Make You Horny?"
ODB Needs Help. The Indefensible Acts Of The ODB Continue!
Ol' Dirty Bastard In The news Again! This Time He Is Arrested At A McDonalds Drive Thru!
Please give me one example. That is how confident I am about this. Give me one example that can be confirmed of this bastard's sanity.
The Eminem vs. Benzino Feud
If you haven't heard of Ray Benzino don't feel bad. You aren't alone.
benzino says eminem is a racist ; he says has tape to prove it
What Benzino would have you believe is that what he has exposed someone who seems to have surrounded himself with blacks in both his professional as well as personal life before and after he has found commercial success, is a bigot because he used bigoted words directed at his black ex-girlfriend. Sounds like a bigot to me.
ODB is Dead. Don't Blame Me.
I comment on the news. His trifling ass was in the news, so I commented.
Stevie Wonder Bashes Eminem for Jackson Criticism
How do you make the connection between black people buying your music and turning a blind eye to an alleged pedophile?
50 Cent In Top 50 Disgusting New Yorkers List
Personally I blame Dr. Dre . His beats are so fucking tight we’d listen to a dog barking over them.
the boston globe also criticizes the source for eminem beef
Black folks can be racist too. See, just by admitting that it's like I just narced on my own brother.
Hip-Hop Awards Show Scrapped As Chaos Erupts. Showing Your True Colors Doesn’t Always Mean Gang Affiliation.
No Shame
You Can Take The Idiot Out Of The Ghetto But He Keeps Coming Back
Why doesn't some gangster rapper cut the crap and come out with a few songs like, "You're damn I right I can't read", "Yeah, I fuck my sister, so what?", or "Yeah, I fuck men in prison but I am not in prison now baby".
Who linked to my rap articles?
How has “before you judge a man, try to walk in his shoes” become so maligned that people think that I can’t make a statement coming out against rape, murder, assault, because of some imaginary pre-requisite that requires me to walk in the perpetrators shoes first?
Marijuana-flavored liquor the new drink of hip-hop
What is hemp anyway? You can smoke it, make a drink from it, and everything else from t-shirts to automobile bumpers.
The part about rap beef and diss records we don’t talk about
That’s a little too "something" if you ask me. I can’t put my finger on it but let’s just say people that emotionally delicate make me nervous.
'Suge' Knight Ordered to Pay Death Row Founder $107M
If you are in a death pool and you are looking for a sleeper pick to help you catch up to the guy that knew that Johnnie Cochran was going to die this year, this woman should be your pick.
Suge Knight Dodges Five Bullets Gets Hit With Sixth
Look, I am not gang banger, but I don’t see how someone could walk up to a table in the VIP room, standing 6 feet away from Suge’s big ass and miss him with five of six bullets.
Plot To Kill 50 Cent On Hold For Now
Ok, maybe Fiddy isn’t just paranoid.
same difference


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