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MSNBC Apologizes For Nigger Innis Misspelling
"Oh, God, I thought you guys thought I was a rapper or something," Uncle Tom Innis told Jarrett with a perfect impersonation of Willie Best, the buck-eyed, forever-terrified 'Coon' made famous in so many Bob Hope comedies.
The Flaws of Racial Profiling. White Family Commits a Traditionally Black Crime! 
Just Goes To Show Just Cause It Walks Like A Duck, It Doesn't Mean It Is A Duck!
Rosa Parks is to the Civil Rights Movement what Ringo is To The Beatles.
Essentially Rosa Parks boycotting the NAACP awards show is like me not buying Alpo because I didn't like something Loren Green's character said in "Roots".
Bank Robber Claims Cultural Insanity From White Racism Made Him Rob Banks
Who needs shame, when you are looking at prison. It only gets in the way.
Racial Profiling
Levon Howard had broken into his roommate Edwin Heyliger's room, angry that someone had drunk his Kool-Aid, and in the ensuing argument, both scrambled for their guns.
10% of the Black Population Of An Entire Town Was Sent To Jail On The Word Of One Cop
Among these alleged "drug traffickers" was a fucking a pig farmer and a forklift operator.
Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante Calls Blacks "NIGGERS" in Black History Speech
Some of you had questions about What exactly Lou Rawls meant?
What Does It Mean To Be White? A Philosophical Definition of Whiteness
Some people believe that if you mention color and you aren't talking about crayons you are racist.
Richard Nixon on Blacks: "most of them are basically just out of the trees"
Please Don't Tell Me That This Surprises You?
ABC Wins "Driving While Black" Racial Profiling Case
I am eagerly waiting on the other installments in the series "Walking Around A Store While Black", "Trying To Legally Purchase A Gun While Black" and "Meeting Your White Girlfriend's Parents While Black"
White Man Claims Motel Refused Him A Room During Black College Reunion
Sometimes Experience teaches Us Nothing
Did You Hear the One About the Two Assholes at Auburn University?
One in a Klan Robe, the other in black face with a noose around his neck?
MGM Won't Alter 'Barbershop' Scene despite Sharpton and Jackson's threat to Boycott
I hope they do boycott. I hope I get to walk right past them as I go buy my fucking ticket
The Next Star Wars Aims To Cut Back On Racial Stereotypes
Let me guess the Indian character will have a dot on his forehead and be highly susceptible to polio
Hawaiian Tropic KKK Suntan Lotion Advertisement
The KKK is laughable. Hawaiian Tropic Proves It.
Interracial Couple Dumbfounded that Open Racism Still Exists!
She was Born and Raised In Klan Country and never knew it?

A Perfect Example of Where Political Correctness Is Just Flat Out Wrong
Ba Ba Black Sheep Banned In Public School

Nugent Wants To Know Why He Can't Call People Niggers
When you can say nigga you don't have to bother to remember anybody's name anymore. Damn near everybody in the room answers to nigga.

alleged lynching may have been over a girl. really?
They say all it takes to make something a habit is to do it for 6 weeks.
Each year for 67 years straight, there were at least 100 reported lynching of black men in this country.

congress woman tries to get tropical storms renamed with black sounding names
I can't get over the fact that there isn't anything more pertinent to her constituents right now than having a storm renamed Sharonda.
ohio just getting around to ratifying 14th amendment 50 years after becoming a state.
Well don't look now but now it seems that Ohio has pulled yet another skeleton out of their closet.
Man Files Bogus Tax Returns To Get Reparations For Slavery
What did he do with his reparations? Did he help build a community center for the other less fortunate descendents of enslaved Africans or did he go out and buy a new home in the suburbs and a flat screen plasma television so he could watch Roots on DVD in surround sound with his white wife.
whoa. the washington dc snipers had a plan to make the world a better place?
they wanted to open up a compound for 70 boys and 70 girls to create an army of super-bigots.
Republican Recipient of Minority Only Scholarship Is apparently against Minority Only Scholarships
If he hates minority or ethnically specific scholarships so much, then why the fuck is he going to school on one?
"Don't hire black men under the age of 35"
"You should never hire any black male under the age of 35, they will screw you over every time." "Trust me," He insisted " I am telling you this out of experience. Your best employees are going to be old people and couples.”
nominee for reader letter of the year
Damn and I thought that Emily's letter was a sure winner for letter of the year. This one gives that other letter a run for its money. Damn damn damn.
Republicans seek Presidential pardon for first black heavyweight champ
The Texas Legislature in fact banned films of Jack ’s victories over whites for fear that actually seeing him beat up white people would cause more riots.
Shameless Racist Wins GOP Primary in Tennessee
The GOP might not have a monopoly on “the bigot vote” but they sure do have an uncanny ability to attract bigot candidates.
Former black staffer suing the Republican party
You are a token. Just like Apache Chief, Black Lightning, and Samurai. They were tokens too.
Christian School defends slavery booklet
Try to build an alter in your backyard, kill a goat and sacrifice it to God tonight and see how many city ordinances that you get charged with violating.
The Nigga Kingdom
Why would you rob someone of a pair of gym shoes? Let’s think about that for a second. You can’t eat gym shoes. You can’t live in gym shoes.
These are crimes of people that are drunk with materialism.
Residents Protest Wal-Mart Store Because It May Attract Blacks
Refusing to recognize Martin Luther King Day must be like Pig Latin to a racist.
NOI Calls Gang bangers for Jihad against LAPD
Maybe I am twisted, but what the fuck is holy and pure about getting beat up at a gang bangers funeral and then calling for all the neighborhood thugs to help you teach the police a lesson? Why do I need to go to a mosque for that kind of lesson? I could learn that on HBO.
louis farrakhan says government conspiracy flooded new orleans
"He didn't say there was a bomb. He just said there was a crater."
Farrakhan then added: "I say they blew it [up]."
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Black Films vs. Black Film Makers
If a black person had written Superman his alter-ego would be a guy who owns a pawn shop and his love interest would be the hooker with a heart of gold.

White supremacists calling out ridiculous slavery demonstration
This whole idea of parading white people down the street by chains is disingenuous to say the absolute least.

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