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Teacher fired, the arrested for kissing girl in boys' locker room
Apparently Marion County Detectives were able to view a surveillance tape, which was consistent with what the teacher reported.
Student Excited Dad Got Head Job
High School Girl Sucks Guys Cock In Class While Teacher Grades Papers
High School today seems to be like I wish it was back when I was going.
Hey That's Just Mr. Miller Being Mr. Miller
He rubbed the message off a candy heart and wrote "Fag" on it before giving it to an eight-grade male student that suffers from Tourette's syndrome in front of his fellow students.
Kid Gets What He Has Coming. Teacher Tapes His Head To A Desk
Don't Tell Me Teachers Today Don't Care
What is going on with our children's textbooks?
The fact is that if we only taught our children only what we knew to be true the only thing they would be taught in school is mathematics
The reason kids kill other kids. I Finally Understand.
Sometimes it takes me a little while but eventually I come around.
The Blame Game. The Columbine Aftermath 
Stop Blaming Video Games For Your Children And Look At Yourselves
4th Grade Boys Busted Performing Oral Sex On Each Other.
"My boy didn't want to, and the other boys threatened him if he didn't,"
Teacher Suspended For Involvement In Beating of Disabled Student
Yes, I do believe the word "normal" is appropriate here. Normal kids can't leave dents in playground equipment with their foreheads.
Rodent Nazi Reassigned After Allegedly Suffocating rabbit In Front of Special Ed Class
Normally I wouldn't say something like this would have done irreparable harm to the kids but no one knows what kind of effect this will have on a class room of middle school students with an average IQ of 65?
Kid Who Plays Lead In "Ordinary People" Blows His Head Off In Real Life.
It never occurred to anyone this could be dangerous considering he had to be hospitalized twice to protect himself.
School counselor ordered to see psychiatrist after taking Paxil. 
Please Mr. Pence your scaring the children.
Speaking of shit that you don't want to mess with, High School suspends girl for casting spell
Damn, if this bitch is that powerful she needs to be in the X-men.
Sometimes the Pussy Just Doesn't Let Go
In the first grade Mrs. King told my parents that I had drawn a picture of me looking up her skirt. I was so upset. That was supposed to have been just between the two of us.
Teacher Accused Of Taping Boy's Head to Desk!
He is a living terror.
Principal Caught Drunk, Pissing In the Street When She's Supposed To Be At Work!
Police say that she admitted that she had been drinking. However, it is not sure if they even bothered to ask her if she had.

mom claims expelling her daughter for bus ride blow job violation of her daughter's constitutional rights
Damn. How did we miss that one?

new bracelet fad among middle-schoolers said linked to sex
Damn you John Hughes.

21 Kids Hospitalized after Teacher Goes Berserk
When it was all said and done 21 first graders were sent to the Columbia Presbyterian Center for treatment
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