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These are people who have sexual tastes that are outside of societal norms. So yeah that basically means that what is sexually perverted differs from place to place and time to time. As societal norms change so go the pantheon of what is perverted and what isn’t. In the modern age, we enjoy the most open minded and free societies that the world has ever seen, so consequently being a pervert today is, comparatively speaking, much more difficult than it would have been 500 years ago. With that said, we still have perverts and justifiably so. Think of it this way. Sexual tastes in the modern age are like flavors of ice cream, now there are 64 flavors to choose from when back in the day there were like 4, and so a pervert is that one guy that comes up to the counter and still orders something that’s not on the menu.
Examples include, but are not limited to, people that watch those prepubescent beauty pageants where the little girls dress up like women and do their best Tammy Faye Baker impersonations and men that go around shooting people with semen from plastic squirt guns at toy stores.
Flasher Targets Female Fast Food Workers
Miss, My Milkshakes Tastes Funny.
Sex-crimes Cop Accused of Molesting Retarded Woman
So it doesn't surprise me that the head of a sex crime unit got caught molesting someone. The way I see it, he just got tired of living vicariously through the job.
New York Police Hunt Masturbating Mugger
"This guy obviously has some major problems. We want to find him." said Bronx chief of Detectives Joseph Reznick.
Butt Naked Bandit arrested again. Then was released From Jail over the weekend.
Who the fuck does this guy have pictures of and what are they doing in them?
Man Hid Underneath A Girls Bed Because He Is Obsessed With Pretty Girls
Well that explains a lot. I like to be around pretty girls too, and here I was thinking that I was all alone.
Illinois trucker says child porn inspired anger that kept him alert at

Caring for the children sounds good enough, but I think Michael Jackson already used that one Dana.
Baptist Priest Molests Children Says A Priest Molested Him Too.
As soon as I figure out what the fuck that is supposed to mean I will let you know.
Patrick Naughton
Former Disney Executive Convicted Pedophile
Man Shoots Little Girl With Squirt Gun Full of Semen
Perverts Get Ruthless
Mathew Glavin In Court For Masturbating In Public...Again
What is it about Conservatives and jerkin off in public?
Hasenfus In Limelight Again For Exposing Himself In Busy Parking Lot
If you can help it stay clear of the Kmart on at 18200 W. Blue Mound Road.
Man kills Roommate after he catches the pervert fucking his cat
Fuck free Mumia Abu - Jamal, free Ulyssess Anthony Bellamy.
Supervisor Admits To Jerking Off In Female Employee's Coffee
That is really sad when you can't get a generic "I would've never thought he would do a thing like this" testimonial.
Pro-Lifer Is Convicted of Having Violent Child Porn On His Computer
Well...isn't that a horrible motivation for being against abortion?
Mark Chumura Called Clinton Immoral. At Least Monica Was An Adult.
Green Bay Tight End Republican Moral Beacon...Rapes Kid?
Chumura Charged With sexual Assault Of A Minor
And He Said Clinton Didn't Have Morals?
"Bizarro" R. Kelly Pisses On Underage Girl In Sex Tape.
Although Kelly is clearly seen approaching the camera to adjust the lens as well as the camera angles, his people insist that it is a forged tape.
American Justice: Mark Chumura
Mark Chumura is found innocent by a court of law.
Teacher Could Gets 190 Years For Posting Nude Pictures of Students on Internet
For 190 years in prison he had better been getting at least 39.95 a month for subscriptions!
Man convicted of disabling computers when students refused to Make Tickling Videos.
Watch out, fat ass means business.
It's Official: The Perverts Have Made Their Move
as far as I know complete strangers kidnapping children out of their bedrooms in the middle of the night hasn't happened since the Flintstones stopped using open holes for windows.
Convicted Pedophile former "Disney" Executive Patrick Naughton Free!
If Anyone Deserved Prison...
Man Who Had Sex with Underwear-Clad Dogs Forced to Flee His Home
"He feared for his safety and got permission to move here and we're stuck with the sick bastard."
Man had sex with horse while high on ecstasy
Carl Patrick Brown was caught on video surveillance setup by a farmer standing on buckets and stools fucking horses' doggy style. He blamed it on the ecstasy.
Man Arrested For Having Sex With Chicken At Motel
Michael likes to paint cat-like stripes on his body and refer to himself as "the master of cats."
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