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mars will not kill you
Now we know what must've killed off the Neanderthal. Mars collided with the earth and ricocheted off of us and into the orbit that it holds now.
NASA discovers an interplanetary superhighway networked between planets again
I thought they figured this shit out when they launched that glorified Hyundai with the camera mounted on its hood into space 25 years ago.
Man Watches Black Hole Eat Star Through Telescope
Black holes are the closest things to an unfuckwitable force of nature I can imagine.
Missing Earth "Planet V" Was Eaten Alive by Sun
Planet Earth: It's best not to get too attached.
Experts warn of 'black wave' that could sweep universe and end life
I don't need to know this.
Scientists Estimate that there are 30 Billion Earths In The Universe.
Apparently we were all supposed to be impressed that God made the earth and everything on it in 7 days. Well they neglected to tell us that he had 30 billion test runs before they let him drive without a permit. 
Strangelets from outer space attacking Earth'
Using special equipment you can actually hear these things as they leave the earth.
Evidence Indicates There is Water on Mars Everywhere!
The trick apparently is getting someone at NASA a working calculator so the next time we send some shit up to Mars it won't burn up in the atmosphere because, "Uh, I guess we got too close to the planet before we turned on the Whatchamacallit"
I Think NASA Just Discovered Conclusive Proof That Noah Was A Martian
So if you are thinking what I am think you are about to ask…if Mars had so much water where the fuck did it all go?
scientists are designing spacecraft to crash into comet
At $300 million dollars a shot they better not miss. Maybe they should try to hit it with some $500 rockets first.
don't look now but our sun is an antimatter factory
If God created man in his image and man evolved from monkeys then God looks a lot like Patrick Ewing.
supernova 10,000 light years away once killed 2/3rds of life on the earth
God seems to treat the earth like a fucking Etch-A-Sketch if he doesn't like what he sees he just flips it upside down and starts over.
NASA to Sterilize Astronauts to ensure that they don't fuck in space
The reason a pill won’t stop this from happening is because this isn’t about a libido, this is about bragging rights. 
Sunspot Grows to 20 Times Size of Earth
This thing has the potential of ejaculating on us with the force of a billion megaton bombs knocking out satellites and knocking out power grids all over the planet.
Eclipsed Sun to darken on day of pope's funeral, coincidence?
Just adding further evidence to my theory that if it wasn’t for liberals people would still be tossing people into volcanoes to appease the Gods 
US company Is Selling Real Estate On the Moon. More importantly - people are buying it
The fact that white people think they can own shit that they can't even get to just by drawing up some papers strikes at the heart of their cultural concept of legality as well as how they view their place in not only the world but evidently the galaxy
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