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Don't look Now but The Record Industry Is Being Sued By 28 States For Price-Fixing.
It's About Damn Time Those Crooks Get What They Deserve
Recording Artists Testify against the Recording Industry
Music attorney Don Engel estimated that record companies routinely "underpay 10 to 40 percent on every royalty" and dare artists to challenge it without killing their careers.
Guilty over Napster Swaps?
I didn't think so..
Don't look now but The Record Industry is being sued by 28 States for price-fixing.
The chain stores were still free to sell CDs below the price floor, the record companies contend, but they would not receive the sometimes-substantial retail marketing subsidies.
Why I Don't Buy CD's Anymore
I look at buying CD's as funding their efforts to eventually hunt us down.
Napster Has Made Me A Digital Anarchist
I am as of right now a full-blown out-of-the-closet flaming anarchist.
Are You Banned From Napster? This Is How You Get Back On
Until A Judge Says It's Illegal...It's Legal
Napster and The RIAA. What They Don't Want You To Know!
The Recording Industry Is Breaking The Law with Price Fixing
Pirate Copiers Force Early Release of Eminem Album
They actually had the word SALE on the card next to the $18.99 sticker. If that is on sale what the fuck is the normal price for a CD my soul?
Couple Busted for CD Piracy after FedEx Made It There Business To Tip off Cops
Maybe I am being a little sensitive this morning but I never thought a few boxes of CD-R's were enough to call in the storm troopers.
Does File Trading Fund Terrorism?
Don't WMD's cost money or is al-Qaeda getting their acme dirty bombs on a credit same as cash, make no payments until summer 2004 deal?"
MP3's The Best Thing To Happen To Music
"When corporations are trying to protect themselves from major hackers and terrorists ... trying to do serious damage to their networks, I don't know that they want to spend their time chasing down a half-dozen employees who like to trade old Rolling Stones songs," said the group's president, Harris Miller. "It's a matter of prioritization."
Hacker to Madonna; This is what the fuck I am doing!
What she should've made clear was that she was asking a rhetorical question. Because what she got was an answer.
The Riaa Made Me Rich!
...according to the way they do mathematics I have $13.5 million dollars worth of 80s music on my computer.
RIAA, Mp3's, Artistic Integrity And Jesus Freaks
I don't want to buy your television if you get to determine where I have to watch it. Likewise you can keep your MP3 file if you get to control where I get to listen to it.
mp3 file trading forces industry to drop price of cds
$13.99 a CD is better…call me back when it's below 10 bucks.
court says RIAA subpoenas not legal
Are there a whole shit load of legal precedence's that the U.S. appeals court has access to that the lower courts don't or is the whole point of the appeals court to just be contrary?
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