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joe jackson says, "mike regurgitates all the way to the bank."
You're the father of a 45 year old man that has his very own a personal magician. What did you do to him Joe?
michael is a monster
Michael Jackson is being accused of molesting a terminally ill cancer patient whose last wish was to meet Michael Jackson before he croaked. It only gets worse from there.
the many faces of michael jackson
For those of you that don't know who Jocelyn Wildenstein is scroll down to the bottom of the page and welcome her into your nightmares.
Mike Is Almost Broke... 'Ticking Financial Time Bomb'
Mike is still black all right. Only a black man could have 500 million dollars in the bank and still have bad credit.
Michael Jackson tells all in Documentary
That is a hell of a case of Vitiligo you've got there Mike. Where did you get that strand from al-Qeada?
Jacko Paid A Witch Doctor To Curse Spielberg
If he would've pulled some shit like that in Botswana they would've burned his house down and ate him just on principle.
michael jackson converts to nation of islam
Michael Jackson became a member of the Nation of Islam last week in a move that seems to be the first sign that Michael is preparing himself for prison.
neverland is no more
I was starting to feel dirty listening to Thriller. Not that I was going to stop listening to Thriller, it's just I appreciate that I don't have to feel dirty about it anymore.
Michael Jackson: Oh My God
The man has children but no wife. No girlfriend. No mistresses. All of his kids, every last one of them, have all seem to come from artificial insemination. It’s like he has no interest in women or even making the kids. He only wants the kids. That should’ve been clue number one
Prints of Michael Jackson, accuser found on porn mags
I don’t care, a 46 year old man playing freeze tag with 10-year-olds is still creepy.
Michael Jackson Acquitted
Anyone short of Jesus himself isn’t going to go be credible enough to convict a celebrity in America. And I doubt even Jesus would be able to stand up to cross examination.
same difference
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