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Fire Chief Poses For Photo With Charred Corpse
"There is nothing in our protocol that would dictate for someone to take a picture like that,'' Fire Chief Rocco Forte said.
Corpse Sitting in house for 4 years Neighbors thought elderly owner left
Never buy a house from someone that neighbors describe as a recluse or eccentric ok?
Apparent body parts found in jars in abandoned California home
You are in possession of a fucking hand. Ok, then I think we have a crime.
Son Lives In The Same House With Parents That Have Been Dead Since 1989
The Significance of his yellow painted shoes have not been determined as of yet
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows Claim Their Stolen Human Skeleton
"It's something of value to us and no value to anyone else other than to use as a Halloween prop. No, it's not funny."
Corpses Beheading Doesn't Shock Anyone, Not Even The Police.
They say he basically kept to himself. They Always Do..
Sister 'Keeps Dead Brother in Plastic for Four Years' To Collect His Social Security Benefits
How'd you like that grandma? I'd like to see you get away with stuffing Grandpa behind the foldout couch now.
Animal Slaughter Video Shocks Train Passengers
Help me out here. I eat meat. Ok, let me start over. I eat meat.
Fake Fetus Fools Doctors And Police
This is the best damn free advertisement I have ever heard for a product.
Satanist with dead fetus, human skull busted for grave robbery
'His mother said 'she wasn't surprised,'' the landlady said. ''She said he'd been doing stuff like this his entire life.''
Body found under bed at Lauderdale hotel. And Nobody Heard Shit.
Prostitutes are the Gazelle of the Serengeti as far as serial killers are concerned.

Boy Lives Five Weeks With Dead Mother! Better Man Than Me!  
I Am More Afraid Of Stepping Over Dead People In My Living Room Than A Foster Home, But Maybe I Am The Only One?

Woman Skins Boyfriend Then Feeds Him To His Children
Katherine Knight has to be the most ruthless woman ever to walk the earth.

Man finds mummified corpse of Recluse on floor of his new condo
How high does the pile of mail on the front porch have to get before you decide that it is time to get the body out?
Burglars FInd Body of Man Dead for Nine Months
I am assuming there isn't a damn thing of value in any place with that much junk mail, and utility shut-off notices piled up on the front porch.
Police Answer Domestic Dispute To Find Human Head Resting On Car In Drive Way
The police finally arrived at the home they were greeted with a human head resting on the hood of the car with a man standing with a screwdriver in his hand mumbling to himself.
Crematory Tossing Bodies In The Backyard. How fucking Lazy Can You Get?
So here is the big question, why the fuck wouldn't the Marsh family just fucking fix the god damn machine? They had money to hire lawyers to lobby state representatives to get their asses out of being inspected but were too fucking lazy or cheap to flip the few hundred bucks to fix the damn crematory. That is the insanity of laziness.
Hit And Run Driver Leaves Victim Stuck In Windshield For 3 Days Until He Bleeds To Death
She told police that she periodically went out to check on the man and apologized repeatedly but admitted that she ignored his pleas for help.
Sexual Harassment Is Rampant At Funeral Home
Homosexual management harass employees as well as the corpses!
Woman Keeps Mom's Corpse In The House For 6 Years Because She was In Denial.
Does it make me a bad child because when they die I will have absolutely no reservations whatsoever about getting them out of my house, assuming if they die in my house, before they start to rot?
Corpse Leads Police To Incestuous Family
Apparently in Florida it isn't against the law to keep a corpse in the house. How's that for a little known fact.
Mother Hid Corpse of Her Daughter Stuffed In A Suitcase For Twenty Years
The only reason this woman is walking the earth is because "Hell" must have a waiting list.
Man Kept Mummified Corpses of Parents Along Side Polaroids and Murder Weapon In His Home
Despite what you've heard there is nothing cool about being a schizophrenic.
2,000 bodies found underneath family home explains a lot of things.
Fuck that.
Moroccan surgeons deliver 46-year-old fetus
How could you be a doctor and not eventually become a hypochondriac. Statistically speaking if anyone is going to get some shit it should be you
Man Finds Severed Penis Floating In His Fruit Punch.
When it looks like a dick, smells like a dick, floats inside a bottle of fruit punch like a dick; to most people it's a dick.
Funeral Home Dumps 74-year old man's body on porch.
When Bush said he wanted America to get back to normal, some people took it to heart.
woman finds remains of three babies found in trunks she inherited from her dead mother
I seriously doubt either of them have any plans any time soon to go through any more of her mother's shit.

rock band plans onstage suicide to raise "right to die" awareness
I find it pretty hard to believe that the same band that would grind rats up in a blender give two shits about a person's right to die with dignity.

Woman slept with dead husband for two years
Leave it up to a woman to give something this wrong a romantic twist.

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