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Iraqi War
Iraq War as I sat there at my television watching Dubya basically tell us that we were going to war. there would be no discussion. There would be no debates. He wouldn't even make a pitch to us to bring us abroad. We were either with him or against him. Those were our only choices. I sat there and looked at a man on my television that I knew was taking us to a place for reasons that only he knew and that we would all regret.
new iraqi sex tape gets one up on the american tape
Many of the scenes in the video were too explicit to put screen captures with the articles I read on this. This basically means that this video was off the hook.
U.S. faces 'World War IV. "Our response should be, 'good!'" Woolsey said.
If the militaries only job was to defend our freedom they would have whomever wrote the "Patriot Act" parts one and two and every member of Congress that voted for that bill in Guantanamo Bay right now with a bag over his head eating a fried baloney sandwich in a cell somewhere.
Arabs Outside Iraq Stunned By Collapse. The Middle East Looks for Answers.
getting news from Al-Jazeera is like listening to a ball game and the play by play announcer is telling you the score is 4-3 going into the bottom of the ninth and you find out afterwards that your team lost 11-0.
Majority In Us Believes Bush 'Stretched Truth' About Iraq Says New Poll
Now at least the American people are starting to understand why the UN weapons inspectors couldn't find any weapons. Apparently they didn't exist.
troop morale in iraq hits 'rock bottom'
You know what you get when you put sugar on shit don't you? Sugar on shit.
odai and qusai are in hell…idi amine making reservations
I am thinking that this must've been "it's time to come back home to hell" week because the associated press is reporting that Idi Amine is in a coma in Saudi Arabia as we speak.
us soldier has panic attack almost did 6 months in prison for it
I am sorry; I thought you were supposed to have a panic attack after seeing someone get mowed in half.
saddam was held by kurdish forces, drugged and left for us troops
That is the beauty of karma. It doesn't care about politics, money, prestige or party affiliation. It's all about the bottom line.
suicides account for one in twenty four deaths of american soldiers in Iraq
Cheney: “Am I the evil genius in the corner that nobody ever sees come out of his hole? It's a nice way to operate, actually." I bet it is.
us acknowledges flaws in iraq intelligence
Is it just me or are Dubya supporters the same demographic that see the face of Jesus in the mold growing on the old bottle of Miracle Whip at the back of their refrigerator?
You shoot like goat herder…biaatch!
If I get drafted into this war I want a job on the Army psychological operations team.
Widely published photos of US soldiers' coffins anger Pentagon
What is the “we are just making the world a safer place from terrorist” reason for this blatant disregard for the first amendment?
First O’Neil , then Clarke , then Powell …add another to the list
How many times are insiders going to tell you about this Bush administration before you quit lying to yourself?
Americans Continue to Believe Iraq Supported Al Qaeda, Had WMD
59% of Americans are completely unaware that the world public opinion is opposed to the US war with Iraq. How could that be possible?
Nick Berg ’s Beheading: Al-Qeada is ISLAM’S answer to PETA
If you ask me Al-Qeada could use a few less human bombs and hooded machete wielding thugs and more heads in their public relations department.
80% of misinformed americans get their news from FOX
Seeing how ready and willing conservatives are to advocate “sitting on information” and “looking the other way” all under the disguise of being a good patriot its amazing that we know anything unflattering about Dubya.
Tom Clancy claims he and Richard Perle almost came to blows
when you have advisors to the pentagon like Richard Perle that are calling people wusses for caring too much about the safety of our soldiers I would be more likely to put a bullet in his ass than any mujahadeen just on general principle.
Soldiers threatened with combat if they don't re-enlist
It's funny how Bush always seems to get what he wants.
same difference


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