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Remember the guy in school that first told you that George Michael was gay way back in 1984? Do you remember that guy that knew all Janet Jackson’s moves from the Rhythm Nation video the day after the video came out? Remember that roommate you had in college that spent as much time getting ready to go out as your girlfriend did? Remember the guy that was lying next to you while you were in your underwear in the basement of that frat house letting drunk fraternity brothers urinate on you while you were pledging?
Yeah, him.
Blind Analyst Killed by Dissatisfied Cross Dressing Patient
What exactly is "water magnetism" anyway?
What the fuck is a compassionate conservative
Isn't this the same George W. Bush that publicly mocked Karla Tucker's Clemency plea as `Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, `don't kill me' ?
Man Beats Dog To Death Because He Thought The Dog Was Gay!
Gay Bashing Knows No Species...
Transsexual Sergeant Gets demoted For Lacking A Commanding Presence.
Yeah, so what is the problem?
Who The Fuck Does Dr. Laura Think She Is?
Dr. Laura Goes Head to Head With Gay Activist Group 
I Think Dr. Laura Has More Balls Than They Have
Dr. Laura Angers Homosexuals Before Show Ever Airs. What Took Her So Long?
I Think I Am Putting My Money On The Bitch.
Dr. Laura Apologizes For Anything She Has Said That May Have Upset You "Faggots".
God Must Not Be Tossing Lighting Bolts Anymore Or This Bitch Would've Gotten Hit.
I have never heard of anything so friggin gay in my life
I came across this article which reports something that happen on a soccer field which has to go down as the gayest thing I have ever read.
Caushun, the gay rapper. Putting Homo-Thugs on the map.
Ladies and gentlemen, I believe Hip Hop as we know it has just "jumped the shark".
Kevin Spacey: Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are?
Officially Under Serious Suspicion!
Coors Dynasty Is Reeling From Allegation that Son is A Sissy
Up until recently, the right-wing beer company chairman had his effeminate son working in virtual obscurity as the “director of product damage prevention.”
Only In The City of the Freak. San Francisco to fund sex changes for city workers.
At least politically, misfits overrun San Francisco.
Anti-bullying vote blocked because Conservatives say the bill is a "gay-rights measure"
The religious right unchecked, kicking ass and taking names
Court Rules Boy Can Dress As A Girl At School.
He might feel like a chick on the inside, but until he looks like one on the outside he needs to quick grabbing guys asses.
Cross-Dressing Teen Accuses High School of Bias. He Complains That Kids Tease Him. 
Kids are just so cruel aren't they?
Gay Fraternity Lambda Chi Lambda Wants To Turn Traditional Negative Into A Positive
Let's See If This Idea Works With Blacks
Woman Sues Husband's Alleged Gay Lover For Breaking up her Marriage
Your husband is gay. He was gay when he met you. He was gay when he married you. He doesn't want the pussy. He never wanted the pussy...how is his lover to blame?
Matt Drudge: I Go To Gay Bars, But I'm Not Gay!
Any "straight" man who is in a gay bar dancing the night away such to gay club favorites like "If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It," is only seven key strokes away from removing the "alleged" from "homosexual" prefaced before your name on this site.
Man Shoots Up Gay Bar Because He Got Teased Because His Last Name Is Gay
Well I have a few more names that we better watch out for
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