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Coca-Cola settles out of court for 1.5 Billion in racial discrimination lawsuit
call me "nigger", "jungle bunny," "tar baby" "black piece of shit" I don't care, call me whatever you'd like. Hell I would even let you kick my ass for 1.5 billion.
Woman Sues Nintendo For Death Of Son
Show me someone that masturbates 8 hours a day six days a week I am pretty sure that shit is giving him seizures too.
Florida Says "ATHEIST" License Plate Is Obscene
While at the exact same time that the state of Florida is calling his Atheist license plate obscene it is defending their decision to okay a license plate that reads FATNGRZ. That reads FAT NIGGERS for those of you that don't know how to read license plate.
Stephen Meade Asshole Of The Month
Some people will do anything for ratings
Dad sues school for $1.5M after son's cut from Basketball team
You know, come to think of it, I think Kobe Bryant had the same problem when he was coming up.
Woman in Huge Legal Battle for Having Violent Retarded Son Castrated
His mother said in court that the operation gave her son more freedom, arguing he needs less supervision and can be left alone without fear that he will hurt someone.
Woman Sues City For $500 Billion In Damages For Alleging Her Delinquent Teenage Son Hit His Grandmother.
Some people need to be shot.
Eminem Rejects Mother's lawsuit Settlement Because He Says "Truth Hurts".
I mean how bad can she be? She raised him right?
Court Won't Stop Company from Selling X-Rated ``Star Wars'' Parody
Now I know I haven't seen Star Wars in a really long time, but I don't seem to remember Princess Leia going down on Chewbacca while he fixed the warp drive, or Luke and his Aunt and his Uncle having their three-some interrupted by that big Jawa land cruiser thingy but like I said, it is has been awhile since I rented it.
The Billy-Bob Crooked Teeth Phenomenon. I Bet Trailer Trash Doesn't see a dime.
I bet not one red cent that comes from manufacturing these teeth makes it back to the trailer trash that inspired them. 
Dog Exploded After Eating Alka-Seltzer and Carbonated Drink.
I bring you this as evidence that that fact is better than fiction.
The Blame Game. The Columbine Aftermath 
Stop Blaming Video Games For Your Children And Look At Yourselves
Fat People Get Protected Status In San Francisco From Discrimination!
What's Next?
Man Must Pay Child Support Even Though He Is Not The Bastard's Father!
Life Isn't Fair. No One Ever Said It Was, But Give Me A Break!
Tabloid Is Sued For Publishing True But Embarrassing Facts! Only In America.
In America You Can Sue Anyone For Anything
Dr. Dre Wants His Day In Court With Napster Too. Soon As He Is Out Of Court With Lucas films!
Hypocrisy is rampant
DeCCS verses Hollywood. The Impact this could have on your life.  
Make Copies Of Your Own DVDs
Billionaire's Ex-Wife Wants $320,000 A Month in Child Support
$144,000 a month for travel? Get that kid a fucking Big Wheel! Shit, at three she shouldn't be crossing the street without parental supervision anyways. Kind of hard spending $144,000 dollars just riding up and down the fucking block.
Pervert Who Fled To Sue Police Because They Didn't Try Hard Enough To catch Him
I haven't heard of a lawsuit this stupid since the guy that wanted to sue the local bars in his town to selling him beers
Are You A Fat Ass? I Would Like You To Know That It Isn't Your Fault.
Stop eating. Don't tell me that it is more complicated than that. If I dropped your fat ass off on a deserted island and you weighed 300 pounds, do you think I am going to find you 6 months later pushing 400 because I didn't leave you enough to eat?
Students Sue School After Religious Group Is Banned. Ever Heard Of A Church?
Maybe that is why it's common for people like her not to believe that Dinosaurs existed?
'Jesus' Loses Defamation Of Character Suit Against Churches
The path to hell is paved with good intentions.
Court says Woman can't sue church because God Thinks she is a 'slut'
Well how can you argue with the good book?
PETA wants to stop Timothy McVeigh from having meat for his last meal
``Nonviolence begins at the table.'' This isn't Martin Luther King we are executing PETA this is Timothy McVeigh, so  we can be a violent as we want to be.
Nudist sues over burns suffered at fire-walking
Eli tried it and half way through the walk realized he was literally cooking.
Ann Nicole Smith Gets 450 Million For Giving Old Bastard One Year of Pussy
Apparently, A $450 million pussy will kill you within a year. For now on I want my pussy off brand.
Anna Nicole Smith Wants Her Money So She Can Get Back To Her Acting Career.
Man sues nightclub claiming he was knocked out by dancer's breasts
Finally someone has the courage to look like a punk and speak up
Man Sues Company For Making Him An Alcoholic
...and he won!
Webster Couldn’t Define “Loser” Better Than This.
This definition is so sharp it could be clinical.
Ed O'Rourke. 100% Idiot. The Center of Your World!
Man Sues Bars For Selling Him Alcohol
For Once Prince and 8BM.com Agree On Something Besides He Is A Genius.
Personally, I Think The Midget Is On Something.
Stripper Gets Caught On Fire Sues Strip Club Owner For Not Putting Her Out
Who's responsibility is it to put your own fucking head out?
Fat Woman's Photo Appears In Porn Magazine Next To The Words "Sex Starved Fattie" Without Her Permission!
So What Is The Problem?
Woman Sues after Seeing Herself In Girls Gone Wild Video
"She made a stupid move," says her attorney "The question is: does she have to pay for it for the rest of her life?"
Waiter Sues Friday's Because Female Employees Kept Grabbing His Cock!
America Asks "Is This What Sexual Harassment Laws Were Made For?"
Fired Cross-Dressing Truck Driver Sues Employer for Bias
Sometimes people forget that we live in the real world.
CPR Student Claims The Dummy Gave Her Herpes ok Whatever You Say Dear
Whatever you say dear.
Elderly woman wins 5.35M award from nursing home fire ant attack.
When she stood Lucille Devers up to help get her out of the bed fire ants fell out of her open mouth, nose, and ears.
The Makers of Bumfights Arrested - Thank God
Every generation without fail gets to the point where they look at the younger generation and say "what the fuck is wrong with you bastards?!"
This is my turn.
Hannah the toothless stunt bum sues the makers of Bumfight video
See what you get when you let trash get their hands on technology?

A Video Game Addict Takes His Life Mom Blames Game
His mother recalls a time when her son broke down and cried when another EverQuest player stole the online treasures he'd collected in the game. Yeah, he sounds pretty normal

Court Sets Aside Record Award Vs. Ford
I wouldn't expect anyone to pay me $290 million even if they accidentally bombarded me with gamma rays and turned me into the Incredible Hulk.
star wars kid's parents file lawsuit against kids that showed no remorse
If he would've just laughed it off, accepted that he had Lou he could be doing his little Jedi broomstick bit on a Nickelodeon commercial right now and getting paid for it.
In the event of a nuclear War State Farm says "You're on Your Own"
So if North Korea strikes first with a nuclear weapon against the United States you better hope that shit doesn't hit your car.
Woman Accidentally Eats McDonald's Cheeseburger Covered In Human Blood.
She showed him the bloody burger, and the manager responded "Hey, I just had a blood test last week, and I'm clean."
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