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If Fascism was a paradise island retreat, this would be the destination of choice for conservatives to go when the far right gets to be too left for them. Fascism by definition is the combination of ethnic nationalism with the view that the state should control all aspects of social life. “But I am confused,” you say, “How can small government conservatives become fascists if fascists are about the state controlling all aspects of social life?”
It’s easy. You can see the seeds of it already.
Many conservatives that supported Dubya say that they believe that he has “brought Jesus to the white house.” They look to him and the state to be the upholder of values.
He has said repeatedly that he wants the US constitution to be amended to reflect their particular view of marriage, they want the judges on the Supreme Court that are appointed to interpret the law to do so through the tinted goggles of some fundamentalist Christian code of ethics, because let’s face it, “how can you go wrong doing what Jesus would do?” Couple that with the conservative’s natural tendency to see society in a state of decline and it’s not hard to see how fascism is the natural conclusion for the paranoid, the racist, and the Jesus freak.
2 Who Met At Klan Rally Charged With Harassing, Assaulting 4-year old Child
"A racist-related attack upon a little 4-year-old boy is unconscionable. I intend to prosecute these men to the fullest extent of the law."
Woman Tried Three Times To Run Over A Neighbor And Seven Children.
She knew Sheilah was one crazy bitch. Hell, everyone knew it. But this was even odd for Sheilah.
What Is A Hate Crime Anyway?
I hate thinking of anything that might help a bigot get less time in prison but on pure principle this seems a bit out of whack.
Student Falls To Death Trying To Hang A Swastika Flag
We are currently trying to secure an interview with the God of Abraham and Isaac to see if he has any comments to add
Violent White Supremacist Charged With Possession of "Dangerous" Weapons.
Fuck dude, I didn't know people robbed banks with guns that weren't dangerous.
White supremacist denied Law License Because of his Racist Views.
"If you are a racist, as am I, then they're saying you don't have the right to say what you believe and be a lawyer. That's a denial of free speech," Hale said.
David Duke Supporters Don't Like His Chances in Prison
They say he could be assaulted or worse if he is not kept in a safe place.
Since when is society suddenly concerned about keeping someone safe in prison?
hitler was hypnotized during the world war I
I can't believe that he hypnotized Hitler, got him thinking he was the shit and then never got around to making up a password or some kind of trigger to get him to snap out of it.
Sweden And Norway Castrated To Improve Racial Purity And Fight Crime
According to Health authorities a castration was justified in the case of a 15-year-old girl, because she was ''strongly erotically inclined.
Nazi War Crime Trial In Italy …There are nazi still alive?
Half the Nazi died of “heart attacks” while living the life in Argentina in the 1970s, or at least the Israeli “secret police” made it look that way.
Fascism by any other name…
How did we allow ourselves to get to the point where we feel we can keep our democracy while at the same time deciding when we are going to practice it?
White Supremacists Murder Husband, Mother of Judge in Chicago
Evidently killing people in Chicago was supposed to trigger a race war because people getting shot in places like Chicago is virtually unheard of.
White supremacist seeks al Qaeda partnership
'You say they're terrorists, I say they're freedom fighters.' ... 'I don't believe that they were the ones that attacked us,' [August Kreis] said. 'And even if they did, even if you say they did, I don't care!'
when neo-nazi meets nickelodeon
And if there is any universal truth in this world, it is not “what goes up must come down”, the more you repress your daughters when they are kids the wilder they will be when they are adults.

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