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Election 2004
al gore endorses dean. who died and made al gore relevant?
Who died and made Al Gore relevant?
is fat al sharpton a republican stooge?
Honestly, who's going to vote for Al Sharpton? Tawana Bradley?
Are people voting for Kerry or for “Anybody But Bush”?
The latest polls show that roughly 3/5th of the voters that say that they are voting for Kerry are only voting for him because his isn't Dubs. Well at least now they have a face to put with the name.
Shut up you whinny liberals
“All my opponent wants to talk about is what is wrong about America . Well I would like to talk about what is right about America !” That line only resonates with one type of person.
Woman fired for John Kerry Bumper Sticker
I had no idea I could have bought all of that with the 60 bucks I got back from my tax cut.
Sinclair group to air anti-Kerry film 2 weeks before election
You’ve got to be kidding me.
Bush-Cheney Campaign Office in Tennessee Hit by Gunshots
You know the bush campaign is in trouble when one of their offices gets hit by a drive-by…and it wasn’t the Detroit office.
Bush site blocking foreign web surfers
Bush is such a pussy. Always has been. Always will be.
Now we all need to come together?
If you never caught me with my pants down with a the far right before, why would I now?
Nader Wants A Recount
I bet he can’t even believe that he got 1% of the vote. That makes two of us.
Conservatives and Liberals
If you are not careful conservatism taken to its extreme leads to fascism and liberalism taken its extreme leads to anarchy.
same difference
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