Alan Keyes. Please Just Stop It
There are more musicians in Earth Wind and Fire than registered Republicans that voted for Alan Keyes in South Carolina.
Ronald Regan Thinks Bush jr. is An Idiot. We Like Ronnie
You know I think that if Bush wins this election, which he just might, this will be a testament to how fucking stupid the American public really is.
A Man Dressed In A Pig Suit Dumps A Truck Load of Shit On the Democratic Convention One Day Early
This is hilarious
What the fucks up with Florida?
The KKK is going to go crazy when they get a hold of this one
The more blacks vote the more fucked up the ballots get.
Way To Go Dumb Ass. Gore's Elian Position Costly
Maybe this guy doesn't just look wooden.
Democrats Get Back At Bush By Simply Not Letting Him Be President.
Somewhere someone in one of those political think tanks they have brewing up in Washington, decided that they simply just wouldn't let Bush be president.
Gore's Position On Elian is Costing Him
Maybe He Just Doesn't Look Wooden
Thank You Florida. We are Officially A Joke
It is official. The cat is out of the bag. We have been exposed. American's can't count.
Ezola Foster: Pat Buchanan's Far Right Hand. An Actual Living Breathing House Slave This is living History.
The Rock Smells What The GOP is Cookin'?
I Think the WWF has taken one too many chair shots!
An Open Letter To Al Gore and the Democratic Party
For the good of the nation we should just stop all of this talk about the popular vote. Fuck the popular vote.
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