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Doomsday Cults

A place where people go for a sense of belonging and purpose after being ostracized most of their lives for their misanthropy.




Planetary Alignment Comes And Goes. Still Jesus Refuses To Return To His Followers
Don't even get me started on doomsayers...
Cult Leader Won't Give Blood To Police. It's Against His Religion.
Well isn’t that convenient? Especially when you are the one making up the religion.
Cult Groups. If You Join Them, You Deserve What You Get 
I Couldn't Care Less About Waco or Uganda 
The Reason Millennium Cult Groups Don't Scare Me 
How Come Everyone On the Devil's Side Is Diabolical and Everyone On God's Side is just simple?
There Is A Solar Eclipse On Christmas. I Guess This Is The End Of The World, Again
Just what we need this time of year, more fuel for the doomsayers.
Look Falwell Jesus Is Back .and She's Chinese
Even the Chinese government has called this Lightning from the East cult "evil".
Ugandan Government Doesn't Have the Funds To Investigate Cult Murders
If the Ugandan government doesn't have enough money to stop current crime then investigating old shit is out of the question.
Self-Proclaimed Prophet Couldn't Produce Jesus And Got Sued For Fraud.
Kaziah Hancock and Cindy Stewart sued the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days, claiming founder and self-proclaimed prophet Jim Harmston duped them out of thousands of dollars and failed to deliver on several promises, including producing Jesus Christ in the flesh.
Queen Shahmia, The Daughter of God, Sentenced To 25 Years in Prison.
"God is going to have his way. If prison is where he chooses I go, I go with a beautiful smile." 8BM.com -Bye
Cult Leader Gets Brought Up On Fraud Charges. Can You Imagine That?
I say don't pay a dime Fukunaga, they deserve what they get.
Anti-Embalming Group Suspected In Funeral Home Murders
"Thus saith the Lord 'because you have heard not the words of the Lord, I take from you your sons and daughters into early graves. Prepare to bury yourself.' Amen."

doomsday cult members blame police for averting the apocalypse
I wish a doomsday cult leader out there would just stand up in front of everyone and just say, "hey, I've never been good at story problems. It was an honest mistake."

red skinned leader of Black cult convicted of pedophilia
There is nothing like a “Finding Nemo” t-shirt to help a child get over the fact that they sucked on your musty pee pee.
Polygamous church prophet apparently saw this one coming
So your the prophet by default of a cult of child molesting, polygamist cock blocking playa haters? So what are your redeeming qualities?
Ted Nugent promotes an radical extremist NRA
Rarely do you see people who are advocating stringing people up in trees like they do in those spaghetti westerns also advocating stricter rules for ensuring an unprejudiced jury.

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