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Domestic Violence
I saw a bumper sticker once that said “there’s never a good reason to commit violence on a woman”. Evidently there can be, however, good reasons to commit violence on a man. They say in one in three relationships, in both the straight and homosexual communities, there is domestic violence.
First of all, I don’t think that there is ever a good reason to put your hands on someone you are in a relationship with. With that said however, I do have one little request to make. If I do have a gay son, after praying that he is happy and is able to find fulfillment in a healthy, nurturing relationship with his partner, I also pray that if there is domestic violence in his relationship, he is the one doing the ass kicking and not the other way around because it would be too much for me to take knowing that not only is he gay but he is getting slap around by his boyfriend to boot.
Woman Pulls Boyfriend's Testicles From Scrotum During Argument.
If you want to be safe, blow jobs are now simply out of the question and sex is strictly doggy style so she can keep her hands and feet where you can see them at all times.
Woman Who Bit Off Testicle In Self Defense Is Jailed.
It's A Man's World. Don't Think So? What Other Proof Do You Need?
Woman Kills Husband Over The TV Remote
I don't think the gun "went off" sweetheart it looks like you "went off."
Wife 'Leaves Bag of Husband's Limbs Outside Girlfriend's Home'
Don't ever tell your wife that you are going to leave her unless it is over e-mail and you have already moved your shit out.
Husband Slapped With Restraining Order Crashes Plane Into His Home
That'll Show Her
Crazy Bitch Runs Her husband down. He thought she wouldn't Do It. She Did.
Never Underestimate A Ugly Woman With Nothing To Lose...
Man Shoots Wife Through The Ceiling For Pouring His Liquor Down The Sink
At that point he was no longer responsible for his actions. There were innocent bottles of Jim Beam in jeopardy.
Sons attack father With Stun Gun
I fail to see, any worth people like Lester and William Epps have to society other than being monkey substitutes for experimental medicine.
Mom gets 50-year sentence For Igniting daughter Caught Fucking Her Boyfriend
The fireball left the daughter burned over 23 percent of her body; her ears melted to nubs and her left hand a claw.
Daddy's Little Girl. 
Having A Father In The Home Is Over Rated.
Who Has Been Beating The Shit Out of Stephen Hawkin?
How low do you have to be to beat up Stephen Hawkin?
Nate Dogg goes Ape Shit when Girlfriend tries to leave him! 
I thought they didn't love no ho's?
Man Allegedly Uses Global Positioning System To Stalk Ex-Girlfriend
Just think of how far back we would be as a species if instead of that primate using that stick to knock fruit out of a tree he used it to club his girlfriend for having the gaul to move into another cave.
woman places husband in drum and dissolves his body with acid
Apparently that was her way of ending an ugly custody battle they were in over their son.
Man chicken's out of Suicide Pact with Bride
I met this girl right. I think she is incredible. She is beautiful, funny, smart, sexy, she puts up with me… What else can I ask for?
Woman tries to shoot sleeping husband on couch and missed
What’s a girl got to do to get divorced around this bitch?
Half of Indian Women Say Taking An Ass-kicking From Your Husband is Justified Under certain circumstances...
This is an example of a cultural divide between American women and Indian Women
Ads Target Gay Domestic Abuse 
This isn't funny. Ok, yeah it is.
Self-Immolation in Afghanistan
Making it harder for people to get divorced isn’t the blueprint for making healthy happier marriages. If it was, then women in Afghanistan wouldn’t be dousing themselves in cooking fuel, closing their eyes shut and striking a match on the soles of their shoes to the beat of three or four a week in this one hospital alone.
same difference

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