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Let Me Introduce You To The Poster Boy Of Modern American Random Violence
Naked man attacks woman by dropping Rocks on her head
Sorority Sisters Fingered in Date Rape Plot. Sorority Sisters Are Ruthless.
What Does It Take To Go To Hell?
Man gets hanger caught in throat trying to retrieve a balloon full of cocaine.
What I am offering is drug trafficking certification. We will address basic ideas like resisting the urge to wave hello to the security cameras at bank holdups, checking ahead of time if the taillights work on the get away car, and keeping your mother-fucking mouth shut.

Man dressed up like an Obese Black Man To Rob Bank
No offense, but I have $700 down that he was special ed.

All Pro Football Player Arrested with 213 Pounds of Marijuana
Call me naive but I just can't see people riding around with 213 pounds of weed in the trunk rolling over curbs, running red lights, and double parking.
Man Buy Check-Making Software Then Tried To Open His Own Bank.
As far as I can tell Mr. Boyd was under the impression that owning this check-making program was all it took to open his very own bank.
Car Club Uses Little Girls Accident To Fix Cars and Celebrate New Years
Car Club Raises 3 Grand To Help Kid. Family Gets 20 Bucks Out Of It!
Man argues he was too drunk to be blamed for killings
You would think that if a "voluntary intoxication" defense was legitimate, every crack head in the country would be untouchable in a criminal court.
Father Sets His Toddler Daughter on Fire
In America, every citizen charged with a crime is constitutionally guaranteed a competent defense. And when that isn’t available a good lie or two seems to be an acceptable substitute.
Woman, 39 accused of placing a bid to put hit on husband, 80
``He thought it (the baby) was his until he heard this morning on the radio that it wasn't,'' his brother said.
Drunk Mother Crawls Out of Overturned Blazer and takes kids into bar
I need to update the Assholes and Idiots Gallery with New Talent
Woman Chops Off The Heads Of All Her Ex-Husbands Lawn Ornaments
It's Over. Get Over It. Get A Cat. Get A Life.
Killer's sentence reduced after tribal spearing punishment
Since he was speared in the legs 12 times he is eligible for parole in eight months
Tyson Foods Charged With Alien Smuggling
They were paying $200 a head, for every illegal alien they could smuggle successfully across the border.
Woman Forced to eat shit, sodomize dog all while being shot with a BB gun
The victim wants to remain nameless...are your surprised?
Giuliani Hired To Try To Clean Up Mexico City's High Crime Rate
Comparing New York City and Mexico City is like comparing Anna Nicole Smith to that pig on "E" that ate Anna and is now calling herself Anna Nicole Smith.
Kid Shot For Using Sign Language In Bad Neighborhood
You Never Hear About This In A Gangster Movie
Police Bust A Deaf-Mute 'Slave' Ring Run By Deaf-Mutes
I Think It Hurts More When It's One Of Your Own!
Colombia Takes Corruption to a whole new level.
Politics so corrupt they don't even try to hide it.
If Pimpin' Ain't Easy Then How Did These Two Dumb Asses Do It? 
If Pimpin Ain't Easy, Then Not Getting Caught Is Even Harder! 
Pedro Guerrero Acquitted in Drug Case because His Lawyer Said He is Literally Too Stupid.
I have made reference to this story many times but never got around to publishing it. Well here it is.
Parents Used Their Own Young Kids For Sex Shows
The mother would accept money from people who "would start clapping and laughing" at the "shows."
Goofy and the Grinch awakened a Senior Citizen at Gunpoint!
If Goofy Is Going To Be Strapped Then I Need My Heat Too!
Watch Out Hackers..The Law Is Coming And Hell Is Coming With Them!
Why am I talking about Software piracy when this is about taking down web sites?
Non-Profit Organization Seeks To Rid The World of Drug Dealers
Drug dealers never have problems moving product. Food will rot on store shelves before drugs will get old. The only reason weed gets old and useless is if someone forgets where they hid it.
Jury Consults Ouija Board To Convict Defendant
The only reason using a sťance to determine the defendants guilt led to a retrial is because the séance was held in a hotel during an overnight stay not within the jury room. That is it.
Fugitive Cuts His Own Head Off
That is like me going up to Crystal Mountain standing in front of a cave and tossing rocks at the bears inside until one of them decides to come out and Hurricaranna me into a tree.
Father Hires Teen To Beat Up Kid Who Snitched On His Son. A Church Offers Full Support To The Father
I am not asking permission to start tossing rocks and I'm not yelling duck.

Cops suspended after farting in woman's face
PETA equating eating a hamburger to the Jewish Holocaust is like me equating eating a head of lettuce to cannibalism.

Colombian Drug Turns Crime Victims Into Zombies
They say that the pollen from the flowers alone is more than capable of giving you fucked up dreams.

Serial Rapist Driven To Rape After Being Raped By Girls With A Strap on Cock
Once again it's not an excuse for his actions --- but I can understand where he was coming from.

could the microsoft bounty bring the geek world to its knees?
The bitterness is real. They all feel this way. It is the one common denominator they all share besides the autism.

someone actually fell for that nigerian e-mail scam?
People have actually gone to Nigeria in search of their lost funds and have gotten their backs snapped in half.

man pushes daughter off cliff to escape child support
The first person I told about this looked me dead in the face and said matter-of-factly "damn, $1,000 a month for child support is a little ridiculous."

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