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Every time conservatives take power anywhere in the world you can expect two things. Someone is about to catch hell. And suddenly their will be a push to teach “creationism” or “intelligent design” theory as science.
Science by definition is knowledge, or a system of knowledge, that you have obtained and tested through the scientific method. Now I am not going to assume that anyone that thinks creationism is science is going to know what the scientific method is, so I will define that as well. The scientific method is the acquiring of knowledge through the observation of said phenomena, the formulation of a hypothesis concerning the phenomena in question, then conducting experiments to demonstrate the truth or falseness of the hypothesis that you came up with to explain the observed phenomenon, and then finally coming to whatever conclusion validates or modifies the hypothesis.
In other words, it is discovering the truth through experimentation.
What kind of experiments are Jesus Freaks performing on the campuses of these Christian centers of higher “learning” to prove their hypothesis of “intelligent design”?
Don’t tell me about how astronomical the chances are that a fish has two eyes. All that shows is that the “chances are astronomical” that doesn’t prove that someone actually sat down and designed anything.
Let me ask you, what are the chances that I can toast a piece of bread to have the face of the Virgin Mary appear on the toasted side?
Just because the face of the Virgin Mary is on the side of my bread doesn’t mean that I intended that to happen. It just means that it happened. And regardless of how astronomical the chances are that it could happen twice doesn’t mean that it was divine intervention that made it happen in the first place.
In short, in order to have science you need to be able to have the scientific method applied to it.
If you don’t believe in evolution then just ask a Vietnamese prostitute about penicillin and Chlamydia.

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