Buzz Aldrin accused of punching moon skeptic
Apparently there are two things you just don't do.
Never tell a professional wrestler that you think wrestling is fake and never ask an astronaut to swear on a bible that he didn't fake the moon landing. Spies Like Us
Big Brother Real Audio Networks
Merry Christmas From Your Friendly Neighborhood Death Squad
apparently this 8,000-member paramilitary death squad known for such as using chain saws and sledgehammers to torture and kill rebels and suspected rebel sympathizers are now sending out Christmas cards.
They Know Whether You Scrunch or Fold The Toilet Paper After You Shit.
I feel Violated.

Support Your Local Militia
If This information is so hard to get then why is it posted on a web page?

NASA plans book to address moon landing doubters

evidently they want you to believe that NASA was so scientifically incompetent regarding the moon that they had a wind machine installed so that it could blow the American flag around for dramatic effect.

King Cambyses Long-Lost Army; Unraveling A 2,500-Year Persian Riddle
Back in biblical times to the casual observer shit would seem to just jump off without a moments notice. Meteorites came down from the sky and hit with no warning. Wait a second that was a bad example, they still do.

coke to put global positioning system transponders in product
In one stroke Coke just gave credence to every Timothy McVeigh conspiracy theorist packing soil fertilizer into his munitions shed in America.
ACLU says that the FBI are spying on us
It’s a little late now to realize that your neighbor is a storm trooper.
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