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Clearly Insane

To be legally insane, while you were in the middle of doing whatever it was that you did that tossed you at the mercy of the court, you would have had to not known the difference between right and wrong. I don’t think I have ever heard of a more inadequate definition of insanity in my life.
Why does someone not have to understand what they are doing is wrong to be insane? Who came up with this definition anyway?
The world is full of people that do terrible things that know what they are doing is wrong, they just don’t give a fuck.
That can still be crazy in my book.
There was a case where this Mexican illegal immigrant guy thought he was the Angel Gabriel and he was killing those people that hitch rides on train cars because he thought the hobos were demons.
When the prosecutor asked him if he knew killing was wrong the guy said “yeah, I know killing is wrong” but this guy thought he was killing hell spawn disguised as hobos. It can’t be wrong to kill agents of Satan. He didn’t think he was killing Boxcar Willie he was killing Abatu.
How could he not be crazy?
A woman suffering from postpartum depression cuts the arms off her 11-month-old daughter. No, she isn’t crazy because she knows that cutting people’s arms off is wrong.
No, she is crazy for cutting someone’s arms off.
Insanity should be anyone who isn’t functioning in the same reality that the rest of us are working with.
Believing that you are Superman, Christ or the Buddha, or that the CIA has planted a radio transmitter in your forehead are all excellent indicators that you are in fact, insane.
And don’t give me shit about reality being the only word in the English language that should be always be used in quotes. That’s all fine and good, and yeah, I know that “perception is reality”, but we are not talking reality in the philosophical sense here. I am talking about the reality where if I haul back and punch you square in the face you and I will share the “reality” that I just fattened your lip.
That is the reality that I am talking about.

The Infamous Mad Dentist Captured!
This guy was so fucked up his victims wished he did only made them suck his dick.

Man Chops Off Testicle in Job Protest One Year After He Cut Off His Dick
Some people are just never satisfied.

Man Allegedly Kills and Cooks Wife Because He Thought She was Satan
Mephistopheles got his bitch card called.
Doctors Say That A Pair of Satanic Killing Sisters Are Crazy
No shit? Aren't We All Glad We Have Psychiatric Professionals

Mother Keeps Crazy Son Locked Up In Outhouse For 30 Years.
And Doctors Still Can't Tell Her what Is Wrong With Him.

Man Proposes To Woman He Stalked At His Kidnapping Trial.
I guess that is what happens to you when you grow up in a pod.
Teen-Ager Tells Police Demons Gave Him Permission to Kill
I actually feel bad for people that think they are hearing God talk to them. Shit, if God told me to do something I would do it too. But a demon named Ordog? Um…I don't think so.
What Does It Take To Be Crazy In America?
Sorry You Can't.
Pleading Insanity in the American Justice System 
If John Wayne Gacy Wasn't Crazy Then I Would Hate To Meet Who Is.
The Television Told Me to shoot my mother. 
I Told You We Needed HDTV
Man accused of biting sister's lip off
The sheriff's office asks anyone with information on Lewis' whereabouts to call their local police department or 925-646-2441.
The Parents of Charles Bishop Tried Suicide Too. Well He didn't try, he did it.
I am starting to think maybe the love of drama is hereditary.
Apparently Air Force Men Are Not Good Enough For His Daughter
Would It had killed her to warn her husband that dad was a psycho? It almost did him.
Man Proposes To Woman He Stalked At His Kidnapping Trial.
I guess that is what happens to you when you grow up in a pod. 
Man Arrested For Squirting Piss and Shit On Salad Bar
I know it is nasty but maybe he has a point. Eating that shit will kill you.
Woman Found Beheaded Next To Naked Son Covered In Blood Reading Bible
I understand we all have our own interpretations but this is ridiculous
Couple Has Sex Between Decapitating Their 3 Kids
Most of us either have a fighting chance or we are fucked from the very beginning because we can't pick our parents.
ship captain kills shark with bare hands to save crew
There is no way Captain America should've been ok with going out and fighting Nazi with only a chain mail costume and a matching garbage can lid painted to look like an American flag.
Sisters allegedly murder, cannibalize possessed dad
The two daughters Yasmin, 22, and Taslima, 25, now in police custody and are reported to be unsound…to put it politely.
Released prisoner told mom he wants to be Ted Bundy
If you are just fantasizing about being the next Ted Bundy, you’re harmless. You might be a lot of things but one of them wouldn't be crazy.
Now Harmless Cannibal killer loves his porn, Satanism and true crime
Human beings are incapable of calling a man who cooked his girlfriend and fed her in a soup to homeless people “harmless”.
Sausage King allegedly has shrunken brain
Yeah, that sounds like a hit, “Attack of the Meat Plant Foreman”
Let’s see if Tom Cruise would be interested in playing the pea-brained heir to a processed meat empire.
Man murders mom, dances around in her skin
You can’t live in this world and find happiness if you can’t find someway to live with the fact that the world is full of double standards.
Man Calls Woman 1,000 Times A Month Before He Is Arrested
What did you think, that calling her 3,000 times in the month was just what she needed to see what kind of catch you really were underneath that creepy demeanor of yours?
Family covers themselves in Tinfoil to thwart radio attacks
I want to know who was the first person to tell these people that Reynolds Wrap can protect you from alien mind readers, disrupt CIA transmissions and maliciously targeted radio waves?
Being Bizarre Is No Reason To Detain Man With Blood Stained Chain Saw
That’s funny. Being bizarre isn’t a reason to lock someone up but being Arab is good enough. Being black is good enough. Being Hispanic is good enough. Ain't that a bitch?
Real Life Human Torch Almost Too Bizarre To Believe
Fuck Tom Cruise. Setting yourself on fire, taking out a cop with a pipe, having to be wrestling down by six others and holding off the entire Engine no. 9 is not the result of not getting enough potassium.
Elvis impersonator Stalks San Francisco Mayor
Somehow it just seems appropriate in The City of the Freak.
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