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Catholic Sex Scandals
The thing that kills me about these Catholic Church sex scandals is that this isn’t anything new. Why is this news? The Catholic Church has been practically known for this kinda stuff for literally hundreds of years. It would be different if this was just coming to light right now, but those in power within the Catholic Church have been moving these perverts around for centuries. They even had a protocol that they seem to go by, where if you are suspected or accused of molesting a child, they just assign you to a new church.
priest blames own pederasty on celibate life
'If we did away with celibacy this would all go away. It was the sort of thing (where there was) a lovely slice of cake, and I bloody well ate it."
catholic school instructors force student to fuck herself with banana
That must've been just to set the mood.
Nuns Take Turns Shooting Burglar Dead.
And you thought they had grown "soft" since the inquisition!
The Pope publicly apologizes for rampant pedophilia in the Catholic Church.
There is more dick being passed around in the Catholic church than there is at a Oscar party at Kevin Spacey's house.
Catholic Priest Have Aids Rate 7 Times That of the United States 
Thinking of Breaking The Vow Of Celibacy. Now We Have Evidence!
Nuns Are Now Getting Busted Too
How are children supposed to defend themselves against a culture that teaches you that people walking the earth right beside you are holy?
Another Sex Scandal Rocks the Catholic Church
You say the word "faggot" there too loosely and no one is going to call human resources, they are just going to drag you outside behind the building to the smoking section and kick your ass under the wickiup they would keep in the back just for such occasions.
Here come "Catholics for a Free Choice"! Run for your lives!!
Sexual abstinence prevents the transmission of sexual diseases. Well, at least on paper. No society has actually tried it.
Priest said to aspiring Nuns "Show Me How You Would Fuck Jesus"
Saying that there are a lot of perverts in the priesthood is like making the observation that a lot of rappers are black
Catholic Church Tried to Shut Down Orgy
Isn't envy a sin? There isn't anyone on earth more envious than a man who knows that 1500 people are fucking in a lobby down the street and he isn't invited.
Priest allegedly coordinated gang rapes of little boys
I am not sure I am buying that all of this molestation is going on because people just trusted their priest too much.
Churches continued practice of swapping kidfucker priests
Why didn't the Pope stop to the practice of moving pedophiles and child rapist priest around from one unsuspecting Parish to another when the victim count got too high at his previous base of operations?
same difference
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