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I have absolutely no stomach for this whatsoever. Some call this the last of the taboos but to me, I can’t think of anything more revolting that eating another human being. I can’t eat anything that I saw alive prior to it making it to my plate. I had dinner with a young lady at a restaurant once that was overlooking a lake. I made the mistake of ordering the fish for my meal and in the time it took me to order and them to bring me my meal, I guess I looked at those fish in the lake too long because once I associated those fish with what was on my plate, my appetite, had immigrated to someone else. Now if I couldn’t eat a fish, why would I have the stomach to eat a human foot?
franky the master butcher; loves american zombie movies and "flipper"
Armin Meiwes is a cannibal yes but is he a danger to society? Believe it or not .I'm not sure.
Allegations Of Cannibalism In Congo...Again
They have this cultural belief there that eating your fallen enemies gives you power. No, what it gives you is prion disease.
True Hatred Is When You Eat Another Man's Balls! 
The KKK Has Nothing On This Guy!
man finds wife, cooking in a pot
99% of people in Africa don't have to worry about getting poisoned by a blow dart dragged into the jungle by their feet and eaten alive by a cannibal, but if it was ever going to happen, that is where it would be.
fiji village to apologize for eating reverend 136 years ago
I am not saying that he deserved to be eaten, but that might have been standard punishment for trying to punk the tribal chief.
Cannibal rap star's murder charge gets even more bizarre
Suge knight is basically to the rap world what Sauron was to middle-earth.
Chinese grave robber arrested for cannibalism
And women say that there aren’t any good men left out in the world. Well here ya go. When Huang gets out of prison look him up.
Ebay joke 'gets reply from real cannibal'
Here I am thinking that I get strange replies from my articles.
Ugandan Cannibalistic Rebel Group On The Nut
After a few short run-ins's with the Ugandan army and their voodoo-proof bullets her movement was abandoned.
Putin: Africans Eat Each Other, So Get off My Back
Predictably there has been this outrage over all of this, which will no doubt have African nations as well as African Americans demanding an apology.

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