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Bizarre Birth Defects
When people say that giving birth is a gift from God atheists shudder. Birth has nothing to do with God. It is a chemical process by which a sperm and and egg join and create a human body. There is nothing supernatural about it. Well they are right to a point.
The blessing from God part isn't about how a body is formed in the womb. The blessing part is if the child is born healthy. There are an awful lot of things that can go wrong up in there . Here is documented proof.

Nigerian Baby born with four legs
A Nigerian woman gave birth a few weeks ago to a kid with two cocks, no ass and four legs.
Egyptian Doctors lop off Baby's superfluous Second Head
I can’t seem to find anything attributed to Jesus that is directly or indirectly addressing horrific medical abnormal phenomenon. That’s strange. I thought he covered everything.
Woman Kills Herself So Blind Sons Can See
One of the several tragedies of this story is that doctors say that they made it very clear to this woman and her family that the boys had more screwed up with their site than just a simple eye transplant could fix.
Girl Born Without A Face
Back in the day anything and everything could be explained away by either God liking you or God not liking you.
same difference
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