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Say what you will about them, but anything that big, moving that fast has bad intentions. It’s beyond me that we don’t take these things more seriously.

The Asteroid That Hit Northern Russia Could've Awoke The Dead
This asteroid could've easily demolish a city with a direct hit or cause tidal waves capable of wiping out entire coastal areas if it lands in the ocean
Scientists Worry Over Asteroids
I don’t want to know this shit.
Chinese meteor 'may explain historic mystery' of Nine Dragons
Huandgi one of China's founding fathers is said to have been taken away by dragons when nine dragons came down and destroyed the ancient town of Huangling. Well that is one way of putting it.
Asteroid That Missed Earth Could've Wiped Out A City. Thank God We Saw It 4 Days Later huh?
An asteroid large enough to obliterate a city the size of Orlando passed within 288,000 miles of the Earth without being noticed by astronomers until four days later. Way to stay on top of things fellas.
Asteroid's Near Miss Gives The Earth Something To Think About
Don't they think the calming effect naming a tropical storm "Timmy" has on us will work on a piece of rock that is 60 meters long and could strike us with the force of 600 atomic bombs?
Asteroid May Miss Earth After All. What Asteroid?
Why their Second calculations are always better than the original ones.
Astronomers discover A rouge Black Hole Heading for Earth.
Do you think if I left the earth now that it would do me any good?
If We Weren't So Cheap, We Could Rid The Earth of the Threat of Asteroids.
I strongly advocate the world forming a coalition, of committed nations, to re-double our efforts to rid the world of asteroids and any planetary system that harbors them.
Dinosaurs May Also Have Been 'Born' By Asteroid
That was exactly what happened when God sent an Asteroid at the Earth to clear out many of the competitive species as a favor for the little monkeys he created in his image to rule the world.
Officials Say Asteroids May Give Trigger Happy Nations the Excuse they've Been Waiting on
How's this for a little known fact? Apparently 30 times a year asteroids smash into the Earth's atmosphere and explode with the violence of a nuclear bomb
Old Pawnee Legend Explains Scientific Theory
There is an old Pawnee Indian legend which tells of a "thundering cloud" that appeared over the area "leaving behind children of black stone." Debate over.
2002NT7: Asteroid On Collision Course With the Earth.
Don't Worry I Have A Plan.
My Phobia of Asteroids Revisited. Why My Fear Is Legitimate
Being afraid of mile wide asteroids, or NEO (near earth objects) that can wipe out civilization that can't be a phobia.
Meteorite 'may have hit shuttle'. Um . nah.
Slingshots can only shoot stones so far even if they are laced with some kick ass strand of Saddam Hussein mobile chemical weapons lab diarrhea
same difference
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