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Asian Drama

There is a cultural component that seems to have weaved itself through Asian cultures that encourages one to have a flare for the dramatic. You can see it in everything from the exaggerated eyes of Anime characters to the guy in the kung-fu films that gets stabbed in his stomach and although his wound is left untreated, takes about 7 weeks to bleed to death. In Asia, they just love drama. Drama is where ever you look. Beneath that mild mannered, hard working quite demeanor are many in Asia that seem to skip a groove on
the record when things don’t go there way.
Only in Asia would someone have thought to try to put their forehead through a stack of concrete blocks or punch their fist through a tree.
For example, the Japanese are very proud of their relatively low crime rate, as they should be, but when they do have a crime, it’s way off the charts. Some kid will get bullied in school and the next day teachers will come to open the doors only to find some kid’s severed head resting on the top of the jungle gym.
That is classic Asian Drama. Kids get bullied everywhere in the world but only in Asia will the bully get beheaded and his head placed on display on the playground.
A guy in China once poisoned an entire daycare center because he was angry that they were doing better at signing up new kids than he was.
In Korea a bunch of guys chopped their own fingers off with a meat clever in protest of the Japanese ambassador visiting their country.
Not one of them bothered to pick their digit off the ground and put it in a bag of ice to reattach it back on later.
Crime in the West is like a constant dull pain that is always there, never goes away. You can still function, albeit carefully, and if you are lucky sometimes you can forget it’s even there.
Crime in Asia however, is like a sudden sharp pain that comes out of nowhere, leaves you on the verge of unconsciousness, curled up in the fetal position with your eyes rolling to the back of your head, and then just disappears as mysteriously as it came.

Korean Men Cut Off Their Own Fingers In Protest.
That is the problem with drama. Koizumi still visited the war shrine and all you have to show for it are 20 Bolo Yeung impersonators with a nubs on each hand.
A Senior Citizen 'catapulted metal balls at noisy trains' In His Three Year War
And although there weren't any causalities in his little war, it wasn't for a lack of trying.
Ex-Khmer Rouge Soldier Jailed for Cannibalism
After killing his friend over a small disagreement, he had some neighborhood children drag his friend's corpse downstairs where he used a sharp knife to remove his liver and then fried it up in his Wok.
Entire Chinese Street Gang Sentenced to Death for Raping 46 Women
My question is who does China think they are Texas?
Terrible But True: Girls in Japan don't change their underwear.
If you were to talk to Japanese gynecologist Tsuneo Akaeda you would understand that ignorance is bliss.
Asian Culture If You Ask Me Is Just Too Goddamn Dramatic
I can't stand Dubya's social policies but I'll be damned if you see me tossing myself off an over pass because he won't sign the patients bill of rights into legislation.
Over Three Million Chinese Drink Their Own Urine
Fuck Communism.
Jilted Woman Pesters Ex-Lover with over 1,000 Calls a Day for 3 years!
When they met you could say blows where exchanged.
Oh Shit. Here Come The Dayaks!
You Will Never Look At A Man With A Bone In His Nose The Same Way Again!
A Discotheque For Nazi's?
I Never Thought "Nazi" would become Chic.
Communist Have No Fucking Shame.
``...only you can decide (pause) on how to live with the issue, um, (pause) in the issue that human rights in Vietnam and in the society then you make a decision on your own...''
Man Gets Raped By Five Women Who Wanted To Test His Super Lover Claims
Lucky bastard.
Adultery Tax. A Woman is made to pay for breaking up a marriage.
According to the ex-wife things were going perfectly in her marriage until her then husband began fucking Yeoh Ah Hoon.
School Forces Kids To Make Firecrackers To Supplement Income then Blames Explosion on Suicide Bomber. Thank God for the Internet.
Stepmother jailed for literally stitching step's mouth shut.
let me come home and see my son or daughter with his mouth-stitched shut. I would've buried the bitch under the house. Alive.
God's Army. 12 Year Old Commandos Kick Ass in Thailand! 
They Claim To Be Immune To Bullets, And They Are Leading An Organized Rebellion
Taiwan men to pull Boeing B747 plane With Their Cocks
The cock is a horrible directional compass and it isn't worth shit finding water.
Asian Drama in Sex Video Scandal
Let me just warn you. This story is just wrong on so many fronts.
Japan Opens It's First School Offering A Major In Ninja
I just hope they don't have height restrictions.
An Asian Proclivity For Drama Has Lead To The Creation of "Suicide Sites" in Korea.
I am under the impression that if I was a kid in South Korea the appropriate response to a losing a cheat code would've been leaping off an over pass into a bus.
Woman Covers Herself In Her Own Shit And Piss To Protest Dirty Police Policy
In America to protest police brutality we riot -In Asia to protest police brutality they probably just organize a mass drowning
Kinky Bastards: Ancient Bronze Sex Toys Found In Chinese Tomb
Kinky fuckers. (wink wink)
Drastic Shortage of Females in China Can Make Men Do Strange Things
Apparently a Chinese crime syndicate has been making a killing digging up female corpses and selling them to the desperate relatives of dead single men.
Asian Drama Drives Woman to Leave Husband to die tied to lamppost with a Dog Leash
I know racists say that "they all look alike" but who would've figured he would take his chances with that one
Chinese man sentenced to death for poisoning children at rival kindergarten
I guess there is no better way to slow down enrollment than killing all the students that go there
Japanese Man to Marry Woman That Murdered His Lover
Ladies and gentlemen Elvis has left the building.
Nine Arrested in Japan for 'Exorcism' Fraud
Grandma or not, any abnormal increase in what I expect to be normal level of paranormal activity in my life and I am calling Ghostbusters
28 baby girls found in suitcases on Chinese bus
Who the fuck out there is desperate enough to be in the market for a borderline retarded, drug addicted, cross-eyed Chinese baby someone pulled out of a suitcase?
New Game Show Would Pit Disabled against Able-bodied
I will always go with the guy that is unaware that something is impossible. You'd be surprised. A tard might just hold his breath underwater for 15 mins for a yo-yo.
Kim Jong - Il Taking No Chances with triplets
I haven't heard anything this wack since Herod tried to kill Jesus.

Japanese Professional Wrestler Elected To Public Office Refuse to Remove His Mask
That is what I call keeping it real…when maybe you shouldn't've.

Japan Cult Guru Threatens To Take Revenge On All Humankind
Yuko Chino, claims she is dying of cancer because of electromagnetic waves being sent out by communists. That's like me saying that I get sick whenever I eat rice grown by Buddhists. Could I trouble you to be a bit more specific?

same difference
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