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Every once in a while a child is born whose behavior is so bizarre and anti-social that his mere existence inspires a vehement nature nurture debate. What in the world could someone have done to a child to make it become a homicidal maniac by the age of six? And if you are that screwed up in the head by the age of six, how much value do you have to society outside of having your brain donated to science? I understand some of you don’t believe in evil. You want to call it some fancy word, study it and attribute it to the fact that his mother never breast fed him. But I am here to tell you, evil isn’t something you can medicate.
Boy, 8, is charged with Animal Cruelty Prior Convictions Include Burglary and Arson.
Some Children Just Need To Be Put Down.
Child is expelled from school after claiming to be Satan's brother
There are enough Satan hunting grand parents out there that if they really believed that he was the brother of Satan, one call to the assistant living center and that would have been his ass.
what if little adolph turns out to be a monster?
Statistically speaking, some of you are going to have little monsters. That is a fact.
Mother Asks Judge To Put Son In Jail. He's Been Arrested 70 TImes In 2 Years! It was either that or be put down.
Boy Caught Lowering Puppy Into Burning Septic Tank
If I had a kid like this I would just do the world a favor and put a lot of soft fluffy pillows in his crib.
six-year-old homicidal sociopath suspected in grandfather's death
All they can do is put him a mental health facility until he is 18 and hope that Donald Pleasence can do a better job with this kid than he did with Michael Myers.
3-Year Old Sends A Pair Of Adults To Hospital After Attacking Them With A Toy Truck
Where is Andrea Yates when you need her?
same difference
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