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American Politics
I Wanna Be A Rootin' Tootin' Gun Toting American Badass
If We Are All Going To Be Armed To The Teeth Invite Me To The Party
On the Issue of the Confederate Flag... 
Simply Put. It's The Flag Of An Enemy Of The United States.
Love and Rockets: redefining Americaís Identity
Liberals donít typically see black helicopters swarming over their houses. He isnít stockpiling rations in his basement, and he isnít arming himself to the teeth to defend himself against big brother in Washington...but maybe they should.
What The Fuck Is This? Arafat and Barak Getting Along?
Millions of Jews and Arabs are pissed that they might have peace!
Nothing Got Past J. Edgar Hoover
The House Passes The Anti-Don King Clean Up Boxing Act
Legitimate boxing? I thought I Would Never See The Day!
Gun Control? What Do You Think I Am A Sissy?
Super Markets Took Away The Only Reason Why I Would Need A Gun

American Voters. Voting the Party Line.
Bush is giving me back $300 on my taxes so I can do my part and rebound the economy by making an extra car payment that month.

Civil Liberties in Danger? You Have No Greater Friend Than A Liberal
Well since we can't stay united without an enemy why don't we both go across the streets and go pick on the Fascist.
We Need An Attorney General With Some Balls  
Janet Reno Might Look Butch But She Has No Balls
Why I Am A Great American
Just my humble opinion.
Thank God for Big Government.
Senate wasn't going to investigate anything these big oil companies did just short of fucking peoples cars up by making the gas 60% gas and 40% ginger ale.
Alien Gonzalez: Send That Kid Back To His Father You Bastards. And Go With Him.
Judge Dismisses Elian's Relatives Lawsuit As Pure Bullshit
Why Politicians Should Not Be Our Moral Leaders
What 10 Commandment Don't They Brake Every Single Day?
This is A Case of You Should've Thought of This Shit Before You Fucked With A Drug Lord.
George Bush Is Scared Noriega Might Have Him Killed
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