1. What does 8bm stand for?
  2. What is the point of this site?
  3. Where do you get the stuff on this site?
  4. Aren't you worried about offending people with this site?
  5. How did this site start?
  6. Oh I love your site but I'm offended by a particular comment in an article. Will you please take it down?
  7. How often is this site updated?
  8. How do you pick the subjects that you write about?
  9. How do you get away with your libelous statements in your opinions?
  10. How many people work for the site?
  11. I have noticed recently that all the new articles are from you, and I would like to know what happened to the other writers of 8bm.com?
  12. Writing relatively serious articles about subjects that are often ridiculous is pure genius where do you find your sources?

What does 8bm stand for?

Eight Ball Magazine

What do you want to accomplish with this site?

To be the first place the Internet that people interested in weird and disturbing information go on the Internet to read commentary on the bizarre world we live in.

Where do you get the stuff on this site?

We get our news from a wide variety of sources. Newspapers, web sites, magazines, radio, television. Over the past year or so we have really made a conscious effort to list our sources at the bottom of each article. So if you look there most of the time you will find exactly where we got our information. Eventually we will go back and add the source to all of our older material.

Aren't you worried about offending people with this site?

Not in the least.

How did this site start?

I am not going to be as presumptuous as to say that there wasn't a site out there like this one when I decided to create 8bm.com, so let me just say I hadn't run across one. There were a lot of sites out there covered with porn that were speckled with daily updates that were just mindless. They're a lot of people out there that like that kinda stuff. I just wasn't one of them. I wanted to read a site that would explain to me the thought process the writer went through to arrive at his opinion, not just giving one.
These sites were filled with rants that had no point other than whoever wrote it were just pissed off. That's was their shtick. Well that gets old with me real quick. I really don't care what you ate for breakfast. No offense. If you want to tell me about what you had for breakfast at least be able to tie that into something larger like, "I was eating my alphabet cereal this morning when I noticed that the cereal had spelled out the word BUMBA in the center of my bowl. BUMBA is an African God of creation, worshipped in the Congo. He is also the God of vomit. Which coincidently I did shortly after I was finished with my breakfast."
What I am interested in is how you think. How dose your brain get you from point "A" to point "B"? That's what I wanted to know. So I decided to create the site that I wish I had found. A site that was funny, intelligent, unapologetic, and shamelessly honest about the world we all live in, not just the one I live in.

Oh I love your site but I'm offended by a particular comment in an article. Will you please take it down?

Even if you ask nicely, probably not. So it looks like the balls in your court. You can either be an adult about this and accept the fact that everyone in the world doesn't think like you do, or you can do what you just did and ask me to remove a comment I've made so you can continue to believe that you can control what the rest of the world is thinking.

How often is this site updated?

Six days a week - Monday thru Saturday.

How do you pick the subjects that you write about?

I write about the things that people want to believe don't happen.
My friend Mike described 8bm as is the articulated mental anguish one feels when reading or seeing something so patently ridiculous it can't possibly be false. I thought it was perfect.

How do you get away with your libelous statements in your opinions?

First off, that is a loaded question. Who said that I make libelous statements in my opinions?
Libel is a legal term that describes the written form of defamation. In cases of libel the burden of proof is on the accuser.
The accuser must prove in a court of law that I am guilty of publishing "knowledge that I knew was false" or "with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not."
Good luck.
All I am doing is commenting on stories that have caught my attention in the news. Our sources are listed at the bottom of the articles we write. If you're accusing me of being guilty of assuming what I have read in the paper to be fact then I am guilty as charged.
We don't deal in the business of regurgitating facts here at 8bm.com. We are in the "offering entertaining commentary to news we've read" business.
8bm.com is not a news source. My "facts" are only as accurate as the news source that I've read. This site is about my opinion based on the information that I had in front of me.
The worst thing I am guilty of is having an uniformed opinion.
According to New York Times Co. v. Sullivan case heard before the United States Supreme Court in 1964 Retired Justice William J. Brennan, Jr., wrote it is impossible for a writer that deals in opinions to be guilty of libel because " Under the first amendment, there is no such thing as a false idea."
In other words, I am protected by the first amendment to express my opinion.
American courts have consistently ruled that some kinds of published information are immune from libel charges. Opinion pieces happen to be one of them.
So l have never written a libelous statement in my life, I've only drawn conclusions based the information in front of me that you'd wished I hadn't.

How many people work for the site?

Just me.

I have noticed recently that all the new articles are from you, and I would I like to know what happened to the other writers of 8bm.com?

Actually a combination of things happened.
One writer went to war.
One my favorite writers sold a script he was writing to a movie studio and ever since he has been focusing on that part of his career.
Another writer moved to Pittsburgh and has been going to school to pursue his dream of writing and producing video games.
But what really started it all was that I lost patience the writers that were just too inconsistent.
In all fairness, I couldn’t expect any of them to care about the site as much as I do. This is my site not theirs. Not one of them were getting paid to contribute to the site. All the work they were doing was done purely on a voluntary basis. They only got paid from the donations readers would give through their Paypal accounts which is the same way I am compensated monetarily.
I could say that maybe not being paid was a factor that might have contributed to some of them only writing when all of the planets were in alignment, but to my knowledge only 2 of them even have sites they write for outside of 8bm, and even those aren’t updated with any frequency.
In retrospect I have little reason to believe that some of them were writers. I thought they were all intelligent, funny, interesting people but some of them were not writers.
They might be talented. They may enjoy writing when they do sit down to write, but I believe writers write. Whether anyone ever reads it or not a writer always writes. Just like an artist draws, paints or a musician plays his instrument, a writer gets his thoughts and ideas down on paper.
I have been asked to write for other sites and so far it hasn’t been a strain on me. Instead of writing four articles a day and posting two on my site I will write five and kick one over to them.
What’s going on in the news, particularly to a person that writes for a news commentary and opinion site should be how half of your conversations start when you are talking to people. The world should be your water cooler. Everyday you should be getting an education on what is going on in the world.
Ok, maybe I am getting a little carried away but you understand where I am coming from.
I had columns that would sit there without an update for 8 months at a time. That’s unacceptable.
Although I was blessed to find several good writers over the past five years, some of whom I continue to be my friends to this day, I realized that they could never care for this site they way I do.
Nor could I have ever expected them too.
And that was ultimately the realization that I had. This site is not their life. It’s mine.
I created this site to be a representation of me and who I am and what I enjoy reading about and how I would like to see news covered, and part of that is telling the truth as you see it.
Every word on the site is the truth as I see it.
So I decided that I was done with having other people contribute to the site. At least for the time being. I created this site 5 years ago to be a representation of me, who I am, what I enjoy reading and how I would like to see news covered and that is what it’s going to be again, like it was in 1998.
If people read or don’t read the site it will be based on their rejection of my work from now on.
Consequently, since I have taken over again as the sole contributor of the site 8bm.com hasn’t ever been more popular. We are enjoying more readers a day than ever before, updates have rarely been as consistent and I have no one to hold things together but me.
The next time I have contributors it will be a paying gig, which they will enjoy, and I will have a clear conscience when I am much more demanding of them than I ever was before, which I will enjoy.


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"Raw" written by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, creator, 8bm.com

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